Saturday, May 31, 2008

"The Fall"

This is one of those very rare (nowdays) movies that brings back the real magic cinema experience and it is suitable for all ages. Absolutely stunning visuals, great acting, brilliant directing. Imagine a Salvador DalĂ­ painting in motion; this is the visual feeling of this movie.

It is showing in limited theaters release; I just hope it won't go unnoticed by the American public as "The Fall" is a jewel of movie making but unfortunately not much has been done to advertise it.

Just watch the trailer and I guarantee you'll find yourself at the end looking for the nearest movie theatre that has "The Fall" showings today.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: this movie has a personal and emotional meaning to me as the little 6 year old girl playing the lead role is from Romania; her name is Catinca (Kate) Untaru.

A moviegoer wrote:
Catinca Untaru's performance is heartwarming and completely captivating, a truly lovable child-star whose appeal is based upon her authenticity and talent as opposed to her ability to bat her eyelids or wrinkle her nose.

Another one:
"First, Cantinca Untaru as Alexandria is superb. I normally avoid films with children as they are usually cheesy or groan worthy. Cantinca, however, is much like the little boy in Cinema Paradiso, a natural child. When Alexandria says things we believe her, when she does things it is her child like nature we are watching come out. There is nothing stiff or unnatural about this young actress and it is a great credit to Tarsem as a director that he was able to pull this level of acting from a child. While watching the movie, I was amazed at how Tarsem and Cantinca were able to move the audience from laughter to tears and back to laughter so fluidly. Lee Pace puts in an excellent show and does a great job as a suicidal patient in the hospital, but Cantinca is definitely the star of this show.

Tarsem has a great eye for location and he exhibits it well in this movie. It truly was shot all over the world. Along with all the great locations are the beautifully colorful costumes of fashion designer Eiko Ishioka. The costumes are larger than life and beautiful in their symbolism."

Roger Ebert:

"The Fall" is beautiful for its own sake. And there is the sweet charm of the young Romanian actress Catinca Untaru, who may have been dubbed for all I know, (no Roger, she wasn't dubbed. It is her who speaks English as she attended an English-speaking only kindergarden starting with the age of 4, just like my son did) but speaks with the innocence of childhood, working her way through tangles of words. She regards with equal wonder the reality she lives in, and the fantasy she pretends to. It is her imagination that creates the images of Roy's story, and they have a purity and power beyond all calculation. Roy is her perfect storyteller, she is his perfect listener, and together they build a world.

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