Sunday, May 4, 2008


Authentic, Certified & Numbered

Real Bosnian Sniper
Bullets Fired
Hillary Clinton, Just Like She Said!

Order Now - While They Last
Starting at $14.99

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Read what other's say about this once in a lifetime find:

"Next to my prized specimen of Area 51 alien semen, this is the crown of my collection"
...Asst Director, NASA Center for Alien Research

"All I can say is wow! My second chance to hold Clinton history in my hand"
...Monica Lewinski, Former White House Intern

"I won't ever let this bullet get away; actual Clinton history in my hand, not just my head."
...Vince Foster, Former White House Legal Council

"We thought Chelsea's 9/11 running shoes were a trophy find, but this bullet it certified history, with real film footage to boot!"
...Director of the Smithsonian
Fabrication Center

"If only I had that first router from when I invented the Internet! And then I lost all my global warming artifacts. No more regrets since I added this real piece of history to my archives"

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