Monday, May 5, 2008

British Fascism On BBC

The British Government through his official propaganda mouthpiece BBC is running a warning for British subjects to pay their TV tax or face the consequences.
In other words they say: you must pay us - the Government to indoctrinate you - the British subject. You will pay to listen to our lies, and if not, we'll send the stormtroopers to bang at your door, give you a fine or take you to jail. There is no way you can hide because we the government know everything about your street, your neighbors, your house, your family and yourself.

To quote the Beeb: "You can't hide because you are in the database, we will find you"

If this isn't XXI-st Century fascism, I don't know what else could be.
Orwell was a visionary indeed.

Wow. Wonder why aren't they going after the radical Imams spewing hate and making threats against the infidels right there in the heart of London with similar zeal?

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ereich564 said...

Hello from U.S- Unfortunately for all of us global-serfs, in 1962,our President JFK signed into law U.N. Document 7277 Freedom From War -Peace and Global Disarmament which not only surrendered control of our military power to U.N. command, but strives to prep us all for global tyranny by three phases. The first two reduced our Navy, nuclear defence capability, and size of our military. All the while using tax-dollars to fund a goon squad to punish anyone who resists their agenda. The final third phase is reduction of state-militias and guard-units, and private-citizen's disarmament.
George Washington once said: GOVERNMENT is not REASON, it is not ELOQUENCE! It is FORCE! Like FIRE it is a DANGEROUS-SERVANT, and a FEARFUL-MASTER!!!
We yanks through our rebellion to the crown figured our rights came from CREATOR-GOD, and that it would be government's duty to safeguard this right! Alas, power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! I highly recommend you look into acquiring a copy of good old 7277 from The John Birch Society's web-site. They have been historically the very best in promoting TRUTH and EDUCATION in alerting us to the danger of global-tyranny. The U.N. IS that framework and blue-print.
Respectfully, ereich564