Sunday, February 15, 2009

To LGF's Charles Johnson: You Really Lost It, Pal!

I am really saddened and disappointed with what is going on these days at Little Green Footballs, one of my favorite places to hang around-until today.
The anti-Christian crusade started by Charles Johnson took proportions I would have never ever dreamed in my worst nightmares.

But let me make it clear first: I am not one of those "Bible thumping Christian fanatics" Charles seems to be so scared of. I was brought up as a Greek Orthodox Christian, which is one of the least militant and apolitic branches of Christianity to start with. On top of that, I am not a church goer; the only occasions I attend organized religious services are pretty much what people who are 100% atheists would be present for in a church: weddings and funeral services. I believe the evolution theory is true - for what us ignorant humans assume to be true at this moment when we still are in the infancy of our civilization and we are a long way to understand who we really are and where we are going from now on.
So if you read this blog entry my dear Charles, I just want to let you know that I am probably less "Christian fundamentalist" than 90% of the people visiting LGF.

Well, starting today I am no longer welcomed at LGF. Charles Johnson banned me for the following comment I wrote on one of his blog entries in which he is doing what it seems to lately become an obsession for him: mocking Christians and ridiculing whoever isn't an enlightened atheist like him on a daily basis. Here is the ONLY ONE AND ONLY comment I wrote on LGF since last August, posted today on one of Charles' daily Christian bash-fest :

ELKafir Post #462

Mocking, ridiculing and alienating our (Christian) allies when Islamonazi appeasing socialists control the White House, the Legislative, the Executive and 95% of the media.
Unity is what we need most, yet we are tearing each other apart.
Not smart. Not good.

Koskooks and DU-ers must be filled with joy reading these posts.

This was an appeal to get over the atheist-Christian dividing and bickering for which we Conservatives have no need today when Obama and his socialist thugs are in process of "changing" America.

Well, that was my last post at LGF; not five minutes later, my account was disabled.

But that's not all: Charles went a few extra steps ahead to smear me. At first he posted this reply:

Charles Post#476

I should have blocked your sorry ass when you posted comments calling for the mass deportation of Muslims from America, and to amend the Constitution to strip them of citizenship.

That mistake is now remedied.

What the hell are you talking about, Charles? When and where did I said or wrote any of that? Did you just lost your fucking mind or are you just the biggest liar on the Blogosphere?

But that wasn't enought for him: just a couple of minutes later he continued with another lie posting this garbage about what I supposedly replied to the criticism of another LGF-er, claiming he deleted my post "just in time" (how convenient is that, Charles? why didn't you put me to shame by leaving the post you are attributing to me alone, for everyone to see?):

Charles Post #479

This is the deleted comment by 'ElKafir' I'm referring to, and it wasn't the first:

"We must separate ourselves from this cancer of civilization called Islam.

Mass deportations. Start with the non-citizens. Then continue with the naturalized and US born or converted muslims. Declare Islam a threat to the very existance of the Republic and its Constitution (afterall, in Islam the only accepted law is the Sharia and muslims everywhere in the world are taught their first duty is to obey the Islamic law and only after that to obey the laws of the countries they live in - with the condition those laws aren't contradicting the Islamic laws).

Amend the Constitution, strip them all of citizenship, offer them the chance to become apostates and remain here in the civilized world or deport them if they refuse.

Make conversion and preaching Islam a crime punished either by life in prison or deportation. That would be a humaine measure when compared with the punishment for renouncing Islam in most islamic countries is death by decapitation."

Charles, my boy...I don't know how to say this to you lost your mind. You are nucking futs. Everyone who reads my little insignificant blog knows what I stand for, what I am all about and most importantly knows (let me put this in bold) I never, ever posted this kind of garbage, nor did I ever intend to post something like that anywhere on the Internet. Furthermore, I strongly disagree and condemn the type of rhetoric you are attributing to me with such deceptive malevolence.

Let me thell you something about me, young man: I lived the first half of my life under one of the darkest, most repressive communist tyrannies in Eastern Europe. By coming to the US I hoped to live the last half in a free country, as a free citizen, not a slave of the State. As a naturalized citizen myself I believe that one of the things that makes America great is the melting pot of people of different ethnies, backgrounds and religions (yes, even Muslims - does that surprise you?).

In the first 35 years of my life I've seen political, ethnic and religious persecution; I have seen statism, dictature, opression, propaganda and lies raised to the rank of official State policy with my own eyes. But not only I have seen it seen it Charles, I lived it. And when I was sick enough of it, just like like many of my fellow ex co-citizens I took up arms and sent the piece of shit communist dictator together with his butt-ugly and evil wife to hell.

So your pathetic attempt to smear me as a religious bigot and a promoter of genocide against tens of millions Muslims (who by no will of their own, but simply by birth have been brought up and raised as Muslims) it is pathetic to say the least. You Charles are a bloody liar and deceiver. You may have a huge following today and feel at the top of your game but there is something you need to know my boy: nothing that stands on lies and deceit lasts for long. And the higher you climb on the ladder, the most spectacular the fall.

Enjoy your fame Charles. While it lasts.

UPDATE: Just got an email from somebody telling me Charles Johnson recently wrote two smear pieces, one on Robert Spencer from JihadWatch and another one on... Ann Coulter! Can't tell if it is true since the Master Lizzard put me on his blacklist and I can't browse LGF anymore. But if that's the case, I am honored to be in such a select company on the LGF enemies category together with accomplished writers and commentators like Ann and Robert. And that also begs the question: if Ann Coulter and Robert Spencer are his adversaries, for what team is Charles Johnson really playing now?

Update: Hey long it took you to insert a comment in that 2007 thread? Probably a lot less that it took you to type and falsely attribute it to me.
Having computer and Internet skills: that's the only thing I still respect you for.



1. Lots and lots of traffic incoming from LGF. Honestly, I can't say I am displeased, even if many of you Lizzards are PO'd at me. Sorry if you feel that way. But since you're already here please feel free to browse for older posts and try to see if anything I posted here in the past can confirm The Great Lizzard Inquisitor accusations of fascism and genocide against me.

2. Since many seem to forget the most important aspect of this spat contest and that is how everythig started. On one of Charles daily posts aimed at Christians (again, I am a non-practicing Christian who believes in Evolution), I posted an appeal to tone down the anti-Christian and Creationist rhetoric:

Mocking, ridiculing and alienating our (Christian) allies when Islamonazi appeasing socialists control the White House, the Legislative, the Executive and 95% of the media.
Unity is what we need most, yet we are tearing each other apart.
Not smart. Not good. Koskooks and DU-ers must be filled with joy reading these posts.

In all honesty, is anyone of you seeing anything offensive about what I wrote? (other than if you are a Koskook, a DU-er or an Islamonazi). Because personally don't believe there is anything offensive about calling for a more civilized dialogue with the Christian base of the Republican Party. Like it or not, they are a force in conservative politics. Alienating them only strengthens the Obama camp and at a time when America is heading full speed ahead towards Socialism, we need all the help we can get. I didn't slammed evolutionists, Charles Darwin or Charles Johnson. Yet, Charles banned me over this comment. Why? You ask him, because I don't have the slightest idea.

Here is another update, this is the last one:

Let's pretend to believe what Charles says I posted in 2007 was indeed my contribution:

"We must separate ourselves from this cancer of civilization called Islam.

Mass deportations. Start with the non-citizens. Then continue with the naturalized and US born or converted muslims. Declare Islam a threat to the very existance of the Republic and its Constitution (afterall, in Islam the only accepted law is the Sharia and muslims everywhere in the world are taught their first duty is to obey the Islamic law and only after that to obey the laws of the countries they live in - with the condition those laws aren't contradicting the Islamic laws).

Amend the Constitution, strip them all of citizenship, offer them the chance to become apostates and remain here in the civilized world or deport them if they refuse.

Make conversion and preaching Islam a crime punished either by life in prison or deportation. That would be a humaine measure when compared with the punishment for renouncing Islam in most islamic countries is death by decapitation."

Charles reaction: he deletes this highly offensive post and lets me of the hook. Not even he doesn't ban me, but I don't even get a slap on the wrist.

Here is the second post (this one I don't contest it is mine):

Mocking, ridiculing and alienating our (Christian) allies when Islamonazi appeasing socialists control the White House, the Legislative, the Executive and 95% of the media.
Unity is what we need most, yet we are tearing each other apart.
Not smart. Not good. Koskooks and DU-ers must be filled with joy reading these posts.

Let's try to apply a little logic here: I don't get banned for a (deleted) very nasty post from 2007 that Charles is attributing to me; but I get banned for a non-offensive recent post (not deleted, thus by Charles indirect admission not offensive in any way shape or form).

If the recent post was offensive enough for Charles to ban me, but the old nasty post he is attributing to me didn't got me banned... then what the hell a Lizzard can do NOT to get banned at LGF?

Why, the answer is very simple: write very nasty comments of course. Charles just deletes them and lets you stick around for another 2 years ;)
But don't you dare writing commonsensical posts calling for less divisive bickering between atheist and Christian conservatives; that will surely get you banned.

That's Charles (Johnson, not Darwin) logic.
And he wants to to believe that. Pathetic indeed.



Welcome to the club. I was banned from that site some time ago. Still don't know why, other than I down voted someone's link. Dudes are a bit batty over there. Honestly, I got tired of walking on all the Jewish egg shells there anyway. Not that I have a problem with Israel, but after seeing how quick they are to foam at the mouth at anything they perceive as remotely anti-semitic, I found myself worrying too much about whether I might offend someone based solely on the topic of my post.

The blog itself is among the most overrated. Seriously, tech notes, Jew rants and pictures of butterflies and trees. Ridiculously weak.

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

We all know of self-hating Jews, the kind of Jews you see participating at anti-Israel hate fest rallies put up by Hamas/Palestinian supporters all over the world.
I am starting to wonder if Charles isn’t something similar: a self-hating Christian. Who knows, maybe one of these days we will see him in attendance at one of those rallies holding a sign with “Christianity Go To Hell”

Fellow American said...

Charles has lost it I'm afraid. Sad really. I bet it sucks to be called a bigot by someone who should know better. It almost sounds like he got you mixed up with someone else, but that crap he pulled with Robert Spencer is what tore it for me. If it makes you feel any better I've stopped following his blog and starting following yours.

Henrik R Clausen said...

If you want to see an image of other fine people hated by CJ, head over to my friend at Tundra Tabloids.

CJ is cursing just about every qualified critic of Islam. Just because he mistakenly considers the Flemish conservative party Vlaams Belang to be fascists.

CJ would do good in understanding fascism, then issuing an unconditional apology to all those fine people he's alienated. Reading Liberal Fascism is a good place to start.

Yashmak said...

Looks like you said it after all. A bit damaging to the credibility, that.

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

Welcome former fellow LGF-ers!
Glad to have you around. Careful what you touch while browsing, you may get infected with the deadly Genocidal anti-Muslim virus I spread on these pages!

Honest Investor said...

I used to be a member of LGF, and was appalled by some of the comments on a thread having to do with the Holocaust. Essentially, the so-called "Lizards" were complaining that talking about it, or using it as a point of historical reference, was "living in the past." And that Jews had made a "religion of remembering the Shoah." I was in shock and objected to this characterization. It's no secret that these perverse observations, and other comments and positions taken by Charles Johnson and his minions, are far fetched and smack of his egomania and hackneyed weak character. It's crystal clear that he lacks a moral backbone in how he treats others and his perverse need for control. His light keeps getting dimmer and dimmer as he sees spooks in such people as Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch.

Ayatollah Ghilmeini said...

I have been on LGF for some years now. Johnson does not hate religion or even people of faith. He believed in evolution and free inquiry. He is dead opposed to fascism and he is very technical, apparently you accused him of something he did not do and you owe him an apology.

Anonymous said...

Yashmak:"Looks like you said it after all. A bit damaging to the credibility, that."

Aaah, but notice something fishy about the supposed "undeleted" comment. The comment Charles "undeleted" is #92 in the old LGF thread. The comments that Charles claims to be responses to post #92 are actually directed to post #104 in that thread--a different deleted post.

The numbers don't lie. It looks to me like Charles forgot to doctor the reference numbers in the thread to match the undeleted comment #92.

Has Charles been busted doctoring his database or what? The lizard king has a lot of explaining to do!

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

"I have been on LGF for some years now."

Me too. Not exactly sure when, but I would say at least three years.

"Johnson does not hate religion or even people of faith. He believed in evolution and free inquiry. He is dead opposed to fascism and he is very technical"

Amazing! What do you know, we're like twin brothers. That's why I wonder what got into him and made him react like he did to my comment; all I did was to simply ask for a little less anti-Christian bashing in the name of our common goals.

"apparently you accused him of something he did not do and you owe him an apology"

It's the other way around; and I'm not asking him for an apology since Deities like him never apologize to mere mortals like me.
Oh, and the trick he just pulled with the 2007 backlog...he's good at computer related stuff, I'll give him that. I wonder how hard it is to do it when you have control of the web server.


He's dead opposed to fascism? Why? Given his behavior, I can only guess it's because he's afraid of the competition.

I wish them lizards well, but when it gets that cult of personalityish, it's time to get out. The creep factor is high.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen his latest post that publicly slanders you and calls for an apology? It's absolutely ridiculous.

Jonnette said...

AG, those blog hits Charles gets you isn't worth your reputation.

Nobody can honestly say Charles has not flown the coop.

Transsylvania Phoenix said...


My blogger reputation is in the pages of this blog, free for everyone to check. The stuff Charles writes about me now is only proving my point, not his. And if some Lizards are buying into his slander, I am sorry for them and I understand; I too believed what he wrote about The Gates of Vienna and Atlas Shrugs. And I apologize to them for my naivete.

Moishe3rd said...

I perused your current blogs... It's nice but I'm not much of a gun guy, so this is not really my cup of tea.
But ahhh... This whole LGF thing takes me back to the Flame Wars in the Land of Usenet, back before we found the Treasure buried under the Giant W's.

As to the veracity of Charles' claims or yours - based on his track record and record keeping, he seems to have the upper hand.
But again, it's not really my cup of tea.
I like LGF a great deal.
But, like many who left comments here, I am a tad irritated at the whole Evolution vs Christian thing.
When Charles first started, I left one of my rare comments along the line of "what's the big deal; I don't understand."
The little response that comment got was mostly tepidly negative.
But, it does bother me that Charles has apparently decided that tilting at Christian Windmills is more interesting than the Islamic Reformation of the last 100 years (what most folk are calling a variety of names along the line of The Wars Against the Nutburger Moonbat Islamist Jihaddi Terrorist Scum Sucking Death Cultists).
Those people want to kill me.
The Christian Intelligent Designers don't.
There is a difference.

(And now that I've thought this out, I believe that I shall go and leave this as one of my rare comments on LGF. Thanks!)

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

"(And now that I've thought this out, I believe that I shall go and leave this as one of my rare comments on LGF. Thanks!)"

This will be your last comment on LGF, I can guarantee you that.

Moishe3rd said...

You know, I think someone posted that kind of comment on LGF back when I left my last comment regarding how I didn't "get" this obsession with Darwin vs Intelligent Design.
I believe that person also said that I was going to be banned...
It's OK. I like to read...

Topeka Troll said...

No way to verify since Chuck has the wayback machine blocked. I guess that way he controls the past, but after all, its his fairyland err I mean blog.

J.P. said...

I am registered at LGF. I find the site informative and interesting (except his posts about evolution. I personally believe in evolution, but in my opinion, it makes for boring reading).

The one complaint I do have about Charles is that he deleted a recent post of mine. This comment was regarding an investigation I am doing to link Black September and the 'bank run' to George Soros in order to get Obama elected. In the comment, I left my email address for anyone to contact me if they had any further information on the subject.

I believe he may have deleted it thinking I was being a 'conspiracy theorist.' However, in actuality, the claim I am investigating seems quite credible.

My point being, maybe he didn't like what I posted (for whatever reason) but some of his readers may have been interested in what I was posting and may have been some help to me.

Also, I must mention that a few months ago, he blocked me from the 'Link' section. I guess he felt I was using his site to get traffic, which is true. I believe the blog community should help each other get traffic. He is obviously successful at what he does, why not help eachother?

I'm like you, with a little blog site just trying to inform people, get a little traffic and have some fun. After all, it's what I enjoy.

I think that maybe he should think twice about deleting comments unless people complain that they are offensive.

Just wanted to get that off my chest. In closing, visit my site at :)

MPH said...

Do you really think Charles would make up that comment under your name? Come on. What were you thinking?

Anonymous said...

Transsylvania Phoenix: looking back at the old 2007 LGF thread. Charles has undeleted commented #104. Now the comments make sense. And I am sorry to say that it looks like comment #92 is in the proper context of the thread. So, I have to admit that it looks like Charles did not doctor his database and I retract any presumptions I made regarding that possibility.

Looking at you blog entries, you sound like a good guy. It seems that you let youself get carried away back in that old LGF thread and went a bit over the top. We all do things like that sometimes. Take care, man.

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

Please read the update I wrote: Charles lets me go without even a slap on the wrist for a nasty post I supposedly wrote in 2007, yet bans me for a post I wrote two days ago and that has absolutely nothing offensive in it.
How's that make any sense? Use you logic, dude. You're a conservative, not a brain dead liberal.

Johnson said...

Seen plenty of this before.

I had no problem with "my account" until I called out Charles Penis Johnson saying the constitution "doesn't matter" when he was defending Horowitz's bad argument. Then, all of a sudden, even when a ton of people agreed with me (even ZOMBIE), Charles Penis Johnson just HAD to not only delete my account, he then LIED about me in his following accounts, accusing me of sending hate emails and worse (never did anything of the sort).

Of course, once you're banned, Charles Penis Johnson can say whatever the fuck he wants about you, and you can't speak in your own defense.

If you don't agree with Charles Penis Johnson on EVERYTHING, you're banned from LGF. A few "for example"s:

- if you're not an open-borders, "fuck the US" wingnut on ILLEGAL immigration? BAN.

- if you're not a "gays, lesbians, yay, go gay marriage woohoo go Team Charles Penisbreath Johnson" player? BAN.

- if you're willing to say hey, wait a second, shari'a law is incompatible with secular constitutional governments? BAN.

Charles Penis Johnson bills himself as a "liberal mugged by reality." Call him what he actually is - he's just a spy for the DailyKos wing, a wolf in sheeps' clothing, an egotistical liar and fraud who bans without a second thought and can't ever dare to engage in an honest debate because he knows he'd lose every single time.

Johnson said...

I wonder how hard it is to do it when you have control of the web server?

About 10 seconds and one SQL query. He who controls the database can make it say WHATEVER he wants it to say.

And boy, does Charles Penis Johnson like editing that database. I looked back at the damage he did to my old account (he reedited one of my comments RIGHT after banning me, ensuring that he got a ton of "hey charles ban this guy" responses) and cringe.

He's a liar and a fraud and a consummate scam artist, nothing more.

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

Having limited Internet and computer skills I wouldn't know how to do that; but thank you for confirming what I have guessed: he who has the web server, the administrator password and unrestricted access to the database can edit whatever the hell he wants. Like for example delete the content of an old user post and write his own garbage instead. The only thing that surprises me is he took 5 minutes to do that to a practically unknown voice of the blogosphere - me. He must hate the guts of anybody who doesn't approve of his attacks on Christians and creationits.

Richard L. Kent, Esq. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Richard L. Kent, Esq. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Transsylvania Phoenix said...

Yashmak, repeat yourself. I got it the first time: you believe Charles, but you don't have to post the same thing twice on my blog. Lots of people believe in the Tooth Fairy but don't make a fuss about that. That's why I deleted your post. Have fun and enjoy your stay at Charlie and his Little Green Footballs Factory.

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

"And bad judgment it is. You see, in my case, he didn't merely ban me (who gives a hoot whether he banned me or not, anyway? Who the hell am I?) but revealed (a) my true name, (b) my posting name, and (c) my professional address (by allowing links thereto).

That is double-plus-ungood."

Wow! If I would be you I would sue his ass for that. Lots of lawyers would be more than happy to make a quick buck with such an easy case.

Richard L. Kent, Esq. said...


I am the Richard L. Kent, Esq. whose posts you were (kind of) defending. Thank you.

Charles Johnson is a remarkable computer programmer, one of the best in the business. And his exposures of Reuters fauxtography and his cleaning-up of the metaphorically decayed corpse that was Dan Rather were both public services and to his great credit.

However. That said.

1. I don't know whether to believe Charles's claim that you are an anti-Muslim bigot or not. I don't buy it myself. You are an immigrant. In my lengthy experience as an (unashamed!) immigration attorney for the husbands and wives and parents of US Citizens, I know how repugnant the thought of a call for mass deportations must be for someone with your background. And for all Charles' rants are about "grand conspiracies," it takes but 30 seconds to forge a post on your own blog when you're a web god.

OTOH, if you really posted that shit (and shit it is) then anathema sit.

But. I will not judge based on the evidence as everything presented heretofore is hearsay at best and easily forged BS at worst.

2. Based on his behavior, Charles' problem is plainly that the thought that Christianity may actually be *truth* terrifies him. He was raised Catholic, according to his Wikipedia bio, but has apostotized, calling himself now an "agnostic." (Funny, he's fundamentalist about Darwin.*)

Frankly, I think the man is going through a midlife crisis. IMHO, something (or Someone) is tickling his sense of mortality and dread at the Creator he has abandoned and he's very touchy right now. Understandable; many have precisely that difficulty at his stage in life. ("Men Wobberts' age are offen unstaaable, pwohn to weeeakness." - Edna Mode.)

But it doesn't excuse his recent bad judgment, bad temper... or the fact that he's simply acting like Trelane, the Squire of Gothos, when someone more adult threatens to take away a toy of his. (I'd put it more harshly, but I want to give the portrayal the slight taste of ridicule it deserves.)

And bad judgment it is. You see, in my case, he didn't merely ban me (who gives a hoot whether he banned me or not, anyway? Who the hell am I?) but revealed (a) my true name, (b) my posting name, and (c) my professional address (by allowing links thereto).

That is double-plus-ungood.

He didn't even do that to FJORDMAN, and FJORDMAN's a fascist, for Christ's sake.

Doesn't worry me very much as such. Fortunately, I'm my own boss and can take criticism from fundamentalist nuts. But other readers of his blog should now be on notice that CHARLES JOHNSON HAS BETRAYED THE PRIVACY OF HIS READERS AND WILL SACRIFICE YOUR TRUST TO MAKE A POINT.

What is most amazing about this is that this is against Charles's own best interest. Now people will be afraid to speak their mind, lest six months from now they cross him and he "outs" them. This is the death knell for his blog once people understand it clearly.

In short, by his behavior he has not merely jumped the shark: he has nuked the fridge.

Charles has done good in the past. As soon as he gets this psychic turd passed, he will again in the future. But keep your distance for now; he's *dangerous.* FOR NOW, POST ON LGF AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Unless he has the stones to recognize his own bad behavior and apologizes. Don't bet the rent.

Richard L. Kent, Esq.

(*For the record: I THINK DARWIN WAS RIGHT AND YOUNG EARTH SCIENCE IS CRAP. OK? A God that waits 13 billion years for me is more awesome** than someone who sculpts Adam out of mud with bare literal hands.)

**by a factor of (17 billion / 6000), or, oh, I dunno, about 2,000,000......

Richard L. Kent, Esq. said...

**by a factor of (17 billion / 6000), or, oh, I dunno, about 2,000,000......


3,000,000.....! :-/

Lex, Agent of Chaos said...

Thank you TP, you inspired both a great post and a crudely hilarious photoshop of Charles this morning. I thought Charles was too busy to even post on half of the news coming through, however did he find the time to post on you? And to let you feel the force of the post, or whatever he said, by unblocking your IP? Does he have no idea how mockable he is?

Thanks for speaking your piece, and welcome to the ranks of the many bannned LGFers now finding their places around the web.

Anonymous said...

Like some other commenters here, I'm not going to even begin to assume who is right in this whole dispute. Whether you actually said that or Charles just made it up is not something I am qualified to decide. But knowing how Charles is, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

What I do want to say, and surprisingly no one else has noticed or at least pointed this out, is that this smear of you that Charles has done really shows his ego and lack of sound principles. Let's think about this...why did he delete your comment (assuming you actually said that)? Because it was hateful and disgusting and he will not allow such things to be said on his site, right? We LGFers have all seen how Charles assumes that "holier than thou" attitude when something that he doesn't agree with is posted on his site.

But now that he wants to prove himself right and make everyone hate you, he suddenly brings the comment back. It's apparently no longer too vile to be featured on his site. It is all too obvious that Charles Johnson's principles and his attitude that he's too good for things like that is nothing but a sham. It has taken a backseat to his ego, which motivated him to restore the comment in the name of smearing you and showing everyone how right he is.

I'm getting increasingly sick of that site. It's scary and disturbing how many of the members of that site follow Charles like mindless zombies. No matter what he posts on no matter what subject, just about every single commenter is in agreement with him. That is just unnatural, but it may simply be a result of him blocking any person that disagrees with him long enough. And if you dare to disagree, you will receive a huge amount of negative karma and people will treat you like dirt, the majority of people responding with strawman arguments rather than responding to the points you actually clearly made. It's like arguing with far-left liberals. That site is in a sad state, and before long I'll probably be too fed up with it to keep my account there.

Anonymous said...

"Charles Johnson is a remarkable computer programmer, one of the best in the business."

I've been in the software business longer than Charles. He is neither remarkable nor is he the best.

Anonymous said...

Charles has just posted a new entry where he is decrying comments such as the one attributed to you. His final statement is:

"But I won’t tolerate it here, and if you post a comment advocating this reeking garbage heap of an idea, your comment will be deleted and your account will be history."

Once again, for everyone to see, he has made the point that he does not allow such things to be said on his site...yet that comment at the center of this debate is still active. This just further enforces my point that proving himself right and smearing you is more important than his supposed "principles." And because of this, the touting of such principles seems to serve no other purpose than to make it seem that he's so much better than everyone else. What an egomaniac.

Richard L. Kent, Esq. said...

Charles Johnson, Squire of Gothos: "I don't have to prove anything more, and if you really think there's a possibility I spent hours doctoring my database just for this moron, you're deluded."

Hours? Not hours, Charles. We respect your programming skills. It would take you, oh, ten minutes. If it took you hours, maybe you should be in another line of work.

Richard L. Kent, Esq. said...

"Jew rants", Captain Thurston?

Please. Not inside the house. Wait until you're alone before you do that.

howard10 said...

You and your blog are wonderful!
CJ is the poster child for what’s wrong with being an Atheist for all of his anti-religion rhetoric.
He belongs in the same camp as the Marxists, Socialists, Communists and of course Islamofascists.
I am a proud Born-Again Jewish Christian who loves the US and Israel. I will not apologize for having religion, because the USA allows freedom of religion and freedom of No religion; I guess that part has zero meaning to CJ. I don’t hate Muslims but I will do everything I can to stop the Jihadi’s from taking over, because I read; I know they waited for 99 years to get Constantinople. CJ and his Atheism doesn’t have a pray in the face of Sharia; he’ll die or fight like the rest of us. We are at war and to me, he is a collaborater.

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

And my response to his new smear piece I won't even bother to read is:

I wish you all the best, you did a great job in the past, nobody can take that from you. Too bad you changed and with you, LGF changed too.
Anyway, thank you for the great privilege you bestowed upon me by putting my quasi-unknown blogging persona on the list of your personal adversaries, together with heavy weight anti-jihadi conservatives like Ann Coulter and Robert Spencer.
It is a great honor for me and I thank you for that.

Richard L. Kent, Esq. said...

I'm getting increasingly sick of that site. It's scary and disturbing how many of the members of that site follow Charles like mindless zombies.>>

It would take a small number of monkeys on keyboards about five minutes to create a script that randomly quotes one of his rants, and then follows it with some variation of "You are most certainly right, Charles!" Just like his Uncle Frank Sez generator. Maybe that explains why so many of his posters are such bots....maybe they are bots. Sad, really.

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

Just to make it clear to anyone that may be tempted to try: no matter how much you dislike Charles and LGF, DO NOT post anti-Israel or anti-Semitic crap here. I won't tolerate it. I happen to be a great admirer of the Jewish people and a supporter of the state of Israel. And I hate Nazis, Neo-nazis, Islamo-nazis and Stealth-nazis (these are the people claiming they don't hate Jews, they only hate Zionism), just as much I hate communists and communists-light (these are the socialists)

Richard L. Kent, Esq. said...

...."You are most certainly right, TP!" :0D

All joking aside: like he said.

Richard L. Kent, Esq. said...


The Infinite Monkey is At The Keyboard (Or, If Charles Can Be God-King of His Own Web Page, Why Can't I?)

Thanks to TP.

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

Good luck, lots of inspiration and never forget to have fun with your new blog, Richard. The Infinite Monkey is on my blogroll.

USpace said...

You're better off without them, you're free. But I don't know how he can keep you from just "browsing" the site. WOW, CJ is one sick, deluded EFF. What a baby, he can't take any dissent, can't argue back, nothing. I know lots of good people who were 'blessed' to be able to 'register' before his precious registration was (closed). They must feel real disillusioned by this pompous and confused failed 'musician'.

Just look what he has in a post on this day,(Mission Statement of the Day - Blogosphere | Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 11:33:51 am PST) this is how deluded he is:

"If you argue that it’s vitally necessary to deport the entire Muslim population of the United States, you are ADVOCATING MASS MURDER."

How does he arrive at that lie?

First of all, most anti-jihadists don't advocate that. They advocate stopping or severely limiting future immigration of Muslims, and throwing out Radical Imams who preach Jihad, and shutting down Jihad training camps and throwing out radicals, shutting Islamic schools that teach Jihad, stop making concessions to Islam; and making all Muslims denounce Jihad (although that would be meaningless due to taqiyya.)

May God help the apparently insane Charles Johnson.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
let yourself go insane

get so frustrated with life
that you turn against allies

J.P. said...

I had no idea he was an Atheist. I guess that explains some things.

Richard L. Kent, Esq. said...

He's no atheist. Per wikipedia, he's a Catholic--who only thinks he's an agnostic. And that's what is clearly bothering him. (Though he acts like an autotheist these days.)

J.P. said...

Oh...ok. I sent him a request to be included in his blog roll, but got no response back.

Ok, my site doesn't have all the bells and whistles etc, but my readers seem to like it.

Oh well.

I like LGF, but just wish he was open to other 'thinking' other than his own.

If a comment is extremely offensive, that's one thing, but if someone posts something that he deletes simply because he disagrees with it, that's simply odd.

People post things on my blog all the time that I don't agree with, but I leave it because, of course, I'm not going to agree with everyone!

Btw, check out my site at (shameless plug) :)

Lex, Agent of Chaos said...

This just came up on my own blog (and good luck to the chap starting your own, you'll have a fun time with that one! Get Site Meter right away so you can track your traffic, it's fun;). No, most counter-jihadis don't advocate mass murder, but many have at one time or another and haven't recanted or in any other way taken it back. OTOH, many have done so in private emails that I'm not willing to post, and no doubt Charles has similar emails as he mentions the same people.

Gates of Vienna has thrown this idea around many times and it has taken off in the comments section with the site owners in the comments where they could have discouraged it easily but did not. And on that one point, Charles is correct, there is no way to have forced mass deportations without mass murder. When the rift first appeared between these major blogs though, there was indeed much talk of these things.

Funketeer said...

My departure from the LGF horde (where I posted under a different monicker) came on election night, right after it became clear that McCain was going to be the loser and Charles Johnson went on a tear about the religious component of the Republican party being its undoing. He railed against the very notion of the term "RINO," deeming it to mean those Republicans who weren't Christian. He then went into "victim" mode by sarcastically suggesting that his non-religious views made him unwelcome within Republican circles, and that perhaps those within would prefer he be "purged." (A notion, ironically, he had been hinting should be done to the Christian element of the Republican party.) As a non-religious political rightist myself, even I found his hypocritical whining childish.

Even though there are many topics on which I'm sure Johnson and I would personally agree, I found the way he runs his site (tyrannically banning dissenters on a whim) immature and ego-driven. It's a well-designed site, but the contents merely serve as a hub for links to other stories which are of interest to Johnson. Never have I read any insightful, incisive, thought-provoking essays from Johnson himself -- it's all merely links to more original thinkers. Those who attribute to Johnson some measure of socio-political acumen are surely witnessing something I'm not -- from my perspective, he's simply a conduit to more articulate writers and thinkers elsewhere. While such an outlet may be of use for research purposes, I daresay it does little to define Johnson as ANY kind of premier socio-political thinker himself, and the fact that his echo chamber of sycophantic followers (which I've seen humorously referred to as the LGF Agree-A-Thon elsewhere) treats him as some kind of credible theory/policy maven speaks volumes about their lack of intellectual independence. Rarely does any actual insightful discussion or enlightening argument take place on the boards (especially after about the first 100 comments or so) -- it's typical, like-minded, symptico swarming around the topic-at-hand (before devolving into casual back-and-forths about sports scores and recipes); dissenters are immediately labeled "trolls" and bludgeoned by the "FUCK OFFS" of the eloquent regular luminaries. A chat room for those needing emotional reinforcement.

Needless to say, there are much better online discussion sites than LGF.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Funketeer.

Lex, Agent of Chaos said...

Yes Funk, much better. My favorite thing about leaving LGF is that I did it out of protest. A friend was banned so I asked Charles to remove my account and he therefore never got the pleasure of banning me (though he tried to double it up by blocking my IP--as if there aren't proxy sites for that). But nope, I asked to be removed. Which in no way makes it better than being banned, and too many people are banned from that silly old site. It has become a web joke by now. There's "Rick Rolling" and now there's "Charles Rolling".

BabbaZee said...



This is becoming the oldest story in the blogosphere: is Chazzy Darwin Jay bat shit crazy or is he just a staggeringly amoral liar?

Well, IMO he's both.

So, he called you a bigot? And messed with some comments? Sounds familiar. He and his sad, sad Igors have called me every name in the book.

Don't worry about it. No one takes him seriously anymore anyway. He's a web wide joke.

Here's my advice.


Never mention his name on your blog again after this.

Drives him completely, totally nuckin futz.



Jeff said...

I was banned from LGF for simply down dinging one of Chuck's posts. Unbelievable. That dude has really lost it.

Sean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sean said...

I don't know the author of this blog, so I can't say if I believe him or not. I'm not sure Charles is that concerned with the argument so as to invent entire database entries as part of some conspiracy.

That said, I, too, was banned from LGF, but still read it and enjoy it. I usually skip over the parts of Charles' new crusade against creationism, because I think he's basically doing the same thing with it that Sean Hannity does with everything else.

My user name on LGF was 'Eri', and I was banned, not for insulting Muslims or anyone else, but for "shilling for Obama" by questioning Charle's then-crusade of pulling random offensive blog posts on (which can be created by anyone with an internet connection) and attributing them directly to Obama. I made the point that such a stance is a bit hypocritical, in light of numerous offensive comments on Charles' own site (such as the one in question here) which have in the past been (wrongly) directly attributed to him. He didn't like the comparison, and banned me. A few other members making similar points promptly apologized and backed off in the same thread for fear of being banned as well.

So, has he "lost it"? Maybe not. Is his head the size of a watermelon? Most definitely. Would I happily return as a member in good faith if Charles unbanned my account? Sure. Will he do it? Probably not.

Winston said...

Dear Leader just banished me too for stating my opinion and fighting with his thugs on the LGF over catholic church abuses. How weird!

Richard L. Kent, Esq. ( said...

He should change his blog name to Little Green STFUs.

Lex, Agent of Chaos said...

Well, Pamela/Atlas Shrugs has declared it official that Johnson is "a joke", not realizing that she had her cohorts are the punchline....MUHAHAHAHA

Richard L. Kent, Esq. ( said...

In memory of Paul Harvey:

The Rest of the Story.

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

Rumor has it Charlie changed the name of his blog from LGF to DKL. Just in case you wonder what DKL stands for, that would be Daily Kos Lite.

bon said...

A few months ago Zombi started an open thread with degrading words for God. Other posters jumped on the bandwagon.
I said I was saddened by his post and would not be reading "crap" like that anymore. I was downdinged and insulted by several posters.
My account was blocked.
I had never said anyting radical or offensive, stayed away from ID threads, never used bad language or hate speech.
The site does seem to be devolving into an inmature group think with an "in crowd," who attack posters who challange their buddies, Charles or simply express a different view point. There are some terrific, fun, intelligent people there, and I loved Zombie's exposes.
It is really too bad expressing a belief in God will get you banned.

Anonymous said...

I, too, have the honor of being banned from LGF.
My crime?
When Teddy K. was diagnosed with cancer, I stated that he'd lived 40 years longer than Mary Jo Kopechne. I would neither laugh nor cry at his demise, which would probably take place in a nice comfortable bed, surrounded by friends, family, and the best health-care physicians money could buy.

My post was immediately removed.
It was later referred to – by Charles – as ‘spewing venom’.
When I disagreed….I was then banned.

……and I'm still looking for a place to spew my venom…..

Richard L. Kent, Esq. (rkentesqva at said...

On LGF "spewing venom" means failing to agree with the Squire of Gothos on every particular at all times.

Anonymous said...

Charles Johnson, ironically, has a God complex.

I stopped following his little blog when it became apparent that any and all criticism of Israel was going to be equated with support for genocide by his minions.

Joe Sexton said...

I was banned recently for calling Charles out on his generalization of creationists. Nothing I said was offensive. But he attacked me as though it was the epitome of insults to criticize LGF for becoming so blatantly anti-Christian. Like you, I am a Christian - though I don't attend church and believe in evolution. And like you, I am a former LGFer who has lost all respect for Charles. Any rational person can see that he has grown a bit paranoid and is now showing himself to be very much an egomaniac unwilling to listen to criticism.

Glynth said...

I was banned over a year ago after I called Charles out on his insulting behavior and, like the above commentor, his generalizations. The topic was Intelligent Design and I was trying to tear down some straw man arguments involving equating all who believe in ID with Young Earth Creationists and such. First, I made it clear that I wasn't there to defend ID, or even stating my position - I was just pointing out the flaws in certain arguments - but people didn't really seem interested in logical debate. They just wanted to define my arguments for me instead of really reading what I had to say.

Charles did the usual schtick you see all too often, talking out of one side of his mouth with "I respect your choice to believe in [whatever - ID in this case]" while on the other side saying *anyone who did so is an idiot* (or in this case, possibly in on some evil ploy to "redefine" creationism). This is the same ridiculous "reasoning" you see from bigoted Leftists and rabid atheists. That is not respect. You can agree to disagree; that's respectful. Calling people "idiots" and ranting at them is not.

I even gave him the benefit of the doubt, expressing how I respected him and didn't think he really meant certain things... but all I got in reply from him were attacks and smug retorts. After he made some posts that fit the very definition of the Internet term "trolling," I called him out on it (and not even in a vulgar way or in some rant), and for that, I was banned.

To be honest, I'm glad I was banned. The site was just wasting my time and the attitude of Charles and friends were just making me aggravated. I came back every few weeks to see how things were going for the first couple of weeks, but things only got worse there after I left. Charles seems to be obsessed with insulting Christians.

Anonymous said...

The argument on LGF isn't Aristotelian. It's Pavlovian. There is a constant barrage against Christians, regardless of their stance on creationism or intelligent design, and anyone who complains about it or hints that they are a Christian is soon disposed of.

For me, it was enough to mention that I was a Christian to get me banned. Appartently there are others who have been removed for far less.

The place is still good for checking up on the mainstream media, but it's far from a "free speech" zone, and Christians of any type are decidedly not welcome. Mr. Johnson has a right to run his site as he pleases, but I can't help but feel saddened about the direction this blog has recently veered along. Only a shadow of its former self these days.

Pardon for me not using my real handle, but I'd just as soon not get kicked off LGF. His people regularly read comments about LGF and the present situation, and anyone commenting negatively about Johnson or his policies is regularly banned. I'd just as soon not be one of them - hoping that at some later time they'll be a turnaround in attitude.

Richard L. Kent, Esq. (rkentesqva at said...

Don't hold your breath.

As far as I'm concerned, Charles can go perform an act of autophilic parthogenesis, and I for one will gleefully do everything in my power to advertise the objective fact that he is now utterly lacking in credibility.

As the poster says: "15 MINUTES. They're up."

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