Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vaclav Klaus: EU Is Becoming A Soviet Union Look-Alike

Czech President Vaclav Klaus is comparing hard-core supporters of European integration with the Communist Party activists form the Soviet era.

The Czech Republic is currently at the helm of the rotating Presidency of the EU , but this didn't stopped Klaus to speak up his ming and tell the Euro-parlamentarians they are interfering too much in other peoples lives and their personal decisions.

"Another treaty aimed to prop up the failing the EU institutions would make things even worse", Klaus said. "The theory that there is only one possible and correct alternative to the future, that of a total integration is false"

President Klaus continued: " Not a very long time ago, in our part of Europe we used to live in a political system that didn't allowed social alternatives and any form of political opposition. Here in the EU Parliament there isn't anything but one alternative and those who dare to think about and propose other options are singled out and chastised as enemies"

Translated from by Transsylvania Phoenix

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Anonymous said...

Good article... Klaus is amazing. He's one of the few political leaders who actually understands the abomination that is the EU.