Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Told you So

Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban

says the new A.G. Eric Holder.

Some say we will take up our guns and defend our rights. Good luck with that; those who will oppose the new gun ban will be painted by the media as crazed gunslingers, gun loons, people who want children to die of accidental gunshot wounds, cop killer types; in other words they will be chastised and declared an unacceptable risk to society. Armed revolt or not, in the end we still lose.

Some say we need to start to sending letters explaining to our Democrat RULERS a new ban won't do anything else but take guns from the hands of the law abiding Americans while leaving only the drug gangs armed.
That's just as useless proposition as an armed revolt. Simply because Obama and his thugs already know the new AWB won't do a damn thing to improve the security of the people in the US or Mexico. Security and less crime isn't what they want; reducing gang violence it is only the pretext to pass a law giving them more control over our lives and liberties while expanding and consolidating their power.

Liberal Democrats are fearing the guns in the hands of the American people. They know all too well revolutions against oppressive governments cannot succeed with if revolutionaries are disarmed or don't have access to small arms matching the capabilities of those issued to the troops sent out to repress the revolt.
The enemies of Liberty have the media on their side, they have control over the White House and the Legislative; they have a sizable number of Elmer Fudds who believe the 2nd Amendment it's only about their Remington 700 bolt action and the deer tag; and they also have the backstabbing AR/AK liberal rifle owner types populating gun forums. These are the most disgusting ones; until not too long ago they used to be very vocal Obama supporters claiming he and Biden are friends of gun owners and if we disagree with them we are scaremongering black helicopter conspiracy types. These days they are gone, nowhere to be found. I guess they can call their mission accomplished.


waypasthadenough said...

You need to grow up sir and man up. We all do.

Watch the movie "Michael Collins" for what our future holds. We will have to kill them in every little town and every big city.

I will not lose because I will not be living as a mindless slave. And I will make at least a few of them pay a high price.

Don't understand? Start here:

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

Choose your battles wisely General Custer and maybe you'll be able to win the war and survive in the same time.
What you are proposing is to die like an idiot for a cause that is right, but unfortunately only a fraction of the American people supports. If Oh'messiah bans guns and we start shootouts with the law enforcement, not only we will lose the battle, we will lose the entire war.
So how we can win the war afterall? It's simple: lose all your guns in a boating accident then wait until the sheeple have had enough of him; we need to turn the public opinion in our favor first. As Chairman Mao said, a revolution can be won only if revolutionaries have popular support; they must move among the people like fish swimming in the water.
Fortunately for us, the sheeple and the media sycophants will turn on Oh'messiah rather sooner than later. First, he'll do a pretty good job at messing up the economy. Second, he will try to stifle free speech and hang to the Presidential seat a little more that it is constitutionally legal; that's what Marxists like him always do. That will be the right moment to act decisively: when every home in America will be your home and every man, women and children will support our cause.