Monday, November 2, 2009

Well, I Guess Gov Palin Was Right.

This is why the Republican Party has been losing since 2006. Too many of them are RINOs

Fox News: Republican Scozzafava Endorses Democrat After Exiting N.Y. Congressional Race

Republican Dede Scozzafava endorsed her former Democratic opponent Sunday in the race for an upstate New York congressional seat, shaking up the contest for the second day in a row after exiting the race Saturday.

Scozzafava dropped out after Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman experienced a late-in-the-game surge. The move was expected to consolidate GOP voters behind Hoffman on Tuesday.

But on Sunday, Scozzafava issued a written statement in which she backed Democrat Bill Owens.

"I am supporting Bill Owens for Congress and urge you to do the same," she said. "In Bill Owens, I see a sense of duty and integrity that will guide him beyond political partisanship. He will be an independent voice devoted to doing what is right for New York. Bill understands this district and its people, and when he represents us in Congress he will put our interests first."

Michael Steele..Great talker, lousy manager.. It's time for him to go. This is exactly why most of the Republicans need a pink slip also. They are against the conservative values of the people. It's time for Conservatives to take back the Republican Party. We don't want RINO's who pretend to be Republicans who side with the Democrats.

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