Monday, November 16, 2009

Global Warming Doomsday: Cancelled

This is a new short Finnish documentary about the climate change scam. It is worth watching, every minute of it.
The movie is exposing the intricate web of deception based on political, material and power grab interests which created the greatest scam in the entire history of the humankind.
See how global warming scientists are behaving like con-men and distort, misinterpret and fake temperature records in order to keep their government research grants and their nice six figures incomes coming. See how these scientist-scam artists are refusing to provide the raw data they used to create the famous "hockey stick" so the man-made global warming theory could be scientifically duplicated and verified by independent researchers. See how they are colluding with the left wing politicians who are using this global warming scam to grab power and force income redistribution and with people who are making billions of dollars out of the carbon credits industry.

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