Friday, November 20, 2009

A Real Martyr Of The Faith: He Was Right Next To Us

Since 9/11 we hear a lot about Islamic terrorists who call themselves "martyrs" and who in fact are nothing than crazed genocidal individuals driven by a religion that endorses hate, intolerance and violence. These people are NOT martyrs; in fact they are the lowest of the lowest forms of subhuman life that ever inhabited the Earth.

So let's be clear about what the real meaning of the word martyr is:

-A real martyr is somebody who is ready to die for his faith.
-Somebody who is ready to kill for his, is nothing more than a low life scumbag terrorist.

Thursday night, November 19, 2009:

In a church situated in one of Moscow's suburbs predominantly inhabited by Muslim immigrants, a masked gunman opens fire. His target is the Christian Orthodox priest, Father Daniel Sysoev.

The two priests were offering communion to the people in the community they were serving. The regent Father Vladimir Strelbițky was wounded and the priest, Father Daniel Sysoev was shot in the head and died while being transported to the hospital.

A Moscow Patriarchate official called Father Sysoyev a “talented missionary” whose work among Muslims, including Tatars, might have been the motive for the shooting.

“I don’t exclude that the murder is connected to the fact that he preached among and baptized those who belong to Muslim culture,” the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk with the news media, said in a telephone interview.

Father Sysoyev had spoken out in opposition to Islam and had warned Russian women against marrying Muslim men.

Anatoly Bagmet, an official of the prosecutor’s office, said there was reason to believe that the shooting took place “on religious grounds,” the news agency reported.

Father Sysoev era was born on January 12,1974. He was active as a preacher of the Christian Orthodox faith, a missionary and a healer. șAs of late, father Sysoev received repeated death threats for his work as a servant of God. He leaves behind a wife, three children and a flock of faithful Christians who are still stunned and saddened by this act of violence.

Translated in English from P:B/B:R

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