Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Traffic Accident, Moving - Blogging Will Be Light For The Next Couple Of Days

I am moving to a new residence this Saturday...and if this wasn't too much of a hassle already, today at 2:00 PM I got involved in a car accident. A guy in a $300, 1981 Toyota pick-up (the favorite work truck of Mexican landscape entrepreneurs here in California ;) lost the brakes and run the red light. I hit him in the front right side of his car, his truck did a 360 and my 2003 Saturn Vue looks like it is totaled. Front left corner of the engine compartment is totally wrecked, both doors on the driver side are cracked (Saturn uses plastic body panels), the left front door which is on the opposite of the point of impact creaks when it opens, so in all probability the car frame is twisted.
Now I don't have a car and I will have to wait for the verdict of the insurance claims adjuster guy in order to make the decision to buy a new one or wait until my Saturn is repaired (by the way it looks I doubt it can be fixed for the amount it is worth).
Just the kind if thing I needed but still, thank God nobody got hurt badly.
I will be back in a couple of days.

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