Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A New Form Of Islamic Terrorism: The Butt Bomber

Believe it or not, this is NOT a gay joke:

One of the highlights of the Friday gathering was supposed to be the Saudi Prince’s meeting with Abdullah Hassan Taleh al-Asiri, a Saudi man who was a wanted militant from al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Al-Asiri had allegedly renounced terrorism and had requested to meet the prince in order to repent and then be accepted into the kingdom’s amnesty program. Such surrenders are not unprecedented — and they serve as great press events for the kingdom’s ideological battle against jihadists. Prince Mohammed, who is responsible for the Saudi rehabilitation program for militants, is a key figure in that ideological battle.
After al-Asiri entered a small room to speak with (Saudi) Prince Mohammed, he activated a small improvised explosive device (IED) he had been carrying inside his anal cavity. The resulting explosion ripped al-Asiri to shreds but only lightly injured the shocked prince — the target of al-Asiri’s unsuccessful assassination attempt.

Heh. Maybe it wasn't a bomb. Maybe he was just terribly constipated for a very long time.
Allah-U-Ah...brraaap! Kaboom!

Got...to...stop...laughing...my jaw hurts already

Anyway, the guy deserves the 2009 Darwin Award.

One more thing...is this the reason why the followers of Islam are so...anal?

All right, all right: I promise this is the last joke.

Hate to broke my promise but there is still a question that needs an answer:
how did he detonate the bomb? did the Prince pull his finger?

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