Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Do we conservatives want Obama to fail and lose his war in Afghanistan?

I clearly remember the liberals rooting for the Al Quaeda and Iranian led insurgents in Iraq calling them freedom fighters, how they wanted Bush to lose the war, how they were whining and moaning "bring the troops home" and "no blood for oil", how they were calling Rumsfelfd and Cheney "war criminals", how they sent their "journalists" to embed with the terrorists, how they published military classified information in NY Times putting our troops at risk, how they and their leaders on the Capitol Hill were saying the war is lost, how they were threatening to cut the funds for our troops, how they were saying our troops are "terrorizing civilians in the middle of the night", how they lied and fabricated an entire media scandal with Joe Wilson, his spy wife who wasn't really a spy and the yellowcake that was, after it wasn't, and finally was again, how they made movie after movie in which our troops were presented as a bunch of mentally unstable psychopaths with a thirst for blood?
All that to bring down Bush and make him lose the war - regardless of the cost of our troops lives, their reputation as warriors and America's reputation as a country that cannot win wars anymore. The libs wanted another Vietnam and their hate for Bush was the sole reason behind their treacherous acts.

...remember all that?

My answer to the question do we conservatives want Obama to fail and lose his war in Afghanistan? is NO, we conservatives do not want Obama to lose his war. No matter how much we disagree on pretty much every policy he is trying to implement, a war where the best of us went risking their lives to defend freedom isn't and shouldn't be a political issue, a "payback time" like the libs did it when our troops were fighting the enemy in Iraq.

We are there, we know why we went there and there is no other way out of it other than what Gorgo, king Leonida's wife told him before he left for Termopylae: "come back home with your shield or carried on it"

This an issue where us conservatives differ from liberals like night differs from day and this is where the difference between us and them can be so clearly seen.

So next time a liberal tells you "don't question my patriotism" slap him in the face with this argument.

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