Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Picture Of Sheep

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A crazed bloodthirsty hyena killed 26 lambs. Grief stricken sheep blame the sheepdogs. "Their tooth are dangerous" the sheep bleat.
Meanwhile, the pack of wolves who run the forest are salivating. Pretty soon the sheep will succeed in their pursuit of leaving the sheepdogs toothless.
And then, the entire flock will be theirs for the slaughter.


Anonymous said...

Those aren't sheep.

They are thinking about how groovy it will be when they become commissar of this-or-that.
American leftists are losers at life who think socialism will make them something other than losers.

Those are wolves in waiting.

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

How do you think Stalin recruited his interrogators and executioners?
They were selected form the people most devoted to the "cause"