Wednesday, February 3, 2010

City Of Oakland Wants To Ban Guns And Ammo Sales; Calguns Foundations Fires Back

Because they have too much time in their hands and a burning desire to take feel good but useless measures to reduce the number of murders perpetrated by gangs within city limits (over 600 last year), the Oakland City Council voted to pass a city ordinance prohibiting the sales of firearms and ammunition to law abiding citizens within city limits.

Never mind there is not a single firearms or ammunition dealer open for business in Oakland (yep, that's right - their number is zero) ; never mind the drug gangs responsible for the murders don't buy their guns and ammo in gun stores but out on the streets. And never mind regulating out of existence gun stores that don't exist in the first place will not inconvenience hardened criminals.
All these arguments are such insignificant details for the geniuses who voted for the ban measure; you see, the most important thing is to show their constituents they are doing something - no matter how useless and laughable about the out of control violence making their city the murder capital of the U.S.

But the California gun owners are fighting back. And who would have thought? California, long regarded as a lost cause because of the most restrictive gun laws passed an imposed over the years against its law abiding citizens is nowadays on the forefront of the fight to restore the Second Amendment rights for the entire country. These days a grassroots organization of gun rights enthusiasts formed around the hugely popular Internet forum is spearheading the counterattack. The name of the organization: The Calguns Foundation.

Here is a news report of what happened at the Oakland City Council meeting. Please note the reporter is mentioning the possibility of Calguns Foundation suing the City of Oakland.

And here is the MUST READ official letter sent by the Calguns Foundation to the City Council, threatening with a million dollar lawsuit if the Councilmembers are voting to pass the ordinance with a second vote on February 16th.

Will the Oakland City Council members come to their senses and vote down the measure? Or will they follow the example of the Mayor of San Francisco who persisted into trampling on the Second Amendment rights at a cost of millions of dollars paid by the tax money of its constituents?
We'll soon find out.

Update: NRA & CRPA (California Rifle And Pistol Assn.) submit their own letter threatening Oakland City Council with a lawsuit

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