Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Claim Jumpers does not support the 2nd Amendment

From CalGuns. Read and forward to friends and family.

"For most people who are into AK and/or FAL rifles, you probably know who "Gunplumber" is on the FALFiles Internet forums. For those who do not; his name is T. Mark Graham, owner of Arizona Response Systems. He's a meticulous builder of AK's and FALS. He grew up here in Southern California - before it went socialist.

Here's a link to "gunplumber" post on the FALFiles letter to Robert Ott, Claim Jumpers CEO.

Gun owners can show support by NOT patronizing a business that does not support your 2A rights such as Claim Jumpers. That's too bad, my kids love their food."

Mr. Robert Ott
President /CEO, Claim Jumper Restaurants

It is with great sadness that last night brought to a close my 30 year relationship with Claim Jumper Restaurants. I started eating at Claim Jumper when I was still small enough to stand on the scale. I brought my date to the Laguna Hills location for Junior Prom back in 1985, and I'd take my mother to the Mission Viejo location whenever I visited. Here in Arizona, I was thrilled when you opened the Phoenix and then the Avondale location. I live half-way between the two and frequent both.

I brought my party to the Phoenix location last night for a celebration and was greeted by a large "No Firearms" sign on the door. I absolutely support your right to prohibit law-abiding citizens from carrying a firearm on your premises. I am happy for your success, as in these difficult economic times, you must be doing very well indeed to spit in the faces of such a large section of your market. My friends and I, we vote with our wallets, and will patronize those establishments that respect our right to self-defense. We also network. I will be relating my experiences on several mailing lists and discussion forums. I figure a thousand people will know by lunch time, and 10,000 by dinner. Or maybe they already know and I'm the slow one.

In any case, once again, thank you for clearly stating what you think of me and my 30 years of loyal patronage. You will not have me or any of my extensive network of associates sully your establishment again. I'll miss the blueberry muffins the most.

T. Mark Graham
Arizona Response Systems.

T. Mark Graham
Master Gunsmith
Arizona Response Systems, LLC

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