Saturday, June 6, 2009

The More Things "Change!", The More They Stay The Same...

IOwnTheWorld is bringing us another example of how the libs in the nationalized media are shamelessly swooning and slobbering over Obama. This time, the ObaMessiah is portrayed as one of the best Presidential golf players:

It’s a Cinderella Story…

Finally, I blog about something that is truly near and dear to my heart. People who know me know that “me likes my golf.” There was a time when I played at least 5 times a week, and I was a 4 handicap. So, when the press tells me that Obama is a good golfer I need to take a look for myself. These are the same people who tell me that Michelle is one of the 100 hottest women on the planet. By that standard, Obama should be ranked around 67th on the PGA tour, no?

Believe it or not, after seeing the clip of Obama at the driving range, Michelle is closer to hot than Obama is to being a golfer. I don’t want to bore the bulk of the readers with Inside Golf “tech talk,” but the quick rundown on what I saw wrong with his swing (when I saw a static photo in the newspaper) was : a- his stance is too open (not in itself bad, but the rest of the set up doesn’t work with an open stance) b- his club is wide open at the top and laid off (with an open stance this is death) c- he has a chicken wing (he doesn’t keep his left bicep close to his rib cage) d - he doesn’t keep his right arm nearly straight enough.

Without seeing the full swing I would expect to see shots either pulled or sliced. The clip of the full swing was much worse than I expected. All bias aside, this is the swing of a first year golf student. Yet, the media had him ranked ahead of George W. Bush. Oh, what a surprise. What else would you expect from a media that says JFK was the greatest American President golfer? From the looks of these photos, I beg to differ:

I like Ike. Ford was a great athlete, and Bill Clinton looks real good here but the word on him was that he cheated. He took free shots, known as Billigans, and took lots of “gimmes.” They say that golf reveals the man, hard to argue with that. Here’s the great Obama, you decide:

Clearly, unlike the slobbering media is trying to paint him, Obama is no Tiger Woods. More likely he is Tiger Sucks. This reminds me of Ceausescu's hunting: the dictator used to have wild pigs or bears driven in a very long and narrow passage in front of him and shoot them with his $150,000 custom engraved Holland & Holland double rifle from 20-30 yards away - practically execution style. Not one or two, not even 20 or 30 pigs in a so called "hunt"; in a single day he was slaughtering between 200 and 300 animals.

Propaganda painting:

Partial view of his trophy display after a day of hunting:

If he was accompanied by a foreign chief of state they were killing close to 1,000 pigs, bears or deer in a weekend between the two of them. Hard to believe but that's the truth. I remember Ceausescu was inviting many of his fellow communist dictators from all over Eastern Europe as well as Banana Republic presidents from Africa and good old chaps from the Middle East like Ghadaffi, Arafat and Saddam to take part in his hunting "adventures".This is why to this day the Romanian people still have a repulsive reaction when they hear about hunters and hunting in general.
The next day after the hunt the comrades from the official Party press were reporting in the newspapers and TV that "the most beloved son of the nation was the most skilled hunter in the world".
Truth is Ceausescu was a great hunter just as Obama is a great golf player. These idiots in the American media must be graduates form the the Communist Party Propaganda Academy.
The libs in the media of today are ass kissing Obama in exactly the same manner the official communist Party media was ass kissing the former dictators of Eastern Europe.
And one more thing the liberal media, Obama and Ceausescu have in common: a deep distrust and fear of armed citizens. But more about that, in a future posting

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