Monday, June 8, 2009

The Big Dog And The Mongrel

There is a fable written by an 19th Century Romanian poet that rings today truer than ever. Translation is mine and it's done fast so I apologize for any mistakes:

The big dog and the mongrel

-"How do I hate some big animals,
Like wolves, bears, lions and some other,
Who are so full of themselves!
They think they are better than anybody else
But their noble ancestry is only a game of chance
And I can be noble too, but I am not a show off.
People often say that in the civilized countries
All creatures are equal;
All over the world social equality is embraced,
Only us, we are stuck with our foolish pride.
As for me, everybody knows
That of all the beasts, and even the smallest, dumbest ones,
They are addressing me by my name: dog, and not "Sir".

This is how Samson, the big dog was speaking very loudly
To his friend old friend the bull, one lazy afternoon.

One little skinny stray pup named Samurache, who listened to the conversation
Hearing their words, and believing they are not vane and pretentious
Suddenly approaches to show his appreciation:

-"Your thinking is great" he said- "And I am of the same opinion, my brothers"

-"We, your brothers? Samson replied, full of anger.
"We, your brothers, you mongrel?
I will give you a good thrashing
You'll remember it for the rest of your life!.
Do you know who we are, you shameless mutt?"

- "I was trying to say..."the little dog cries

- "What do I care what you want to say or understood?", Samson barks
"This is what I meant: I hate vanity and pride, and I hate the lions
I'm all for equality between animals, but not for mutts like you"

This is often what we see among some people,
Who want equality, but only with the ones more powerful and wealthier.

--Grigore Alexandrescu 1810-1885

Pretty similar with Obama and today liberal Democrats way of thinking equality and social justice in America, isn't it?

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