Sunday, May 10, 2009

Way To Go, Obama!

The blood of Al-Quaeda terrorism victims killed in Iraq is on your hands:


Iraq blames Al Qaida revival on U.S. release of 4,000 insurgents

BAGHDAD — Iraq has launched another offensive against Al Qaida, raiding suspected AQI strongholds throughout the Diyala province, capturing insurgents and confiscating suicide vests. ShareThis

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The Iraqi offensive was launched amid an AQI suicide bombing campaign in Baghdad and Mosul. Officials said AQI has revived its operational cells and intensified operations as the U.S. military prepares to withdraw from cities by June 30.

Iraqi military spokesman Maj. Gen. Atta Qassim said the resurgence of Al Qaida was fueled by the U.S. release of nearly 4,000 insurgents in 2009. Qassim said the released insurgents have been returning to both Al Qaida and organized crime.

On May 6, at least 17 people were killed in a two car bombings at a market in southern Baghdad, populated mostly by Sunnis. Officials acknowledged that security at the market was light.

Officials said the Iraqi security forces were capable of battling AQI. But they acknowledged that authorities were hampered by a shortage of intelligence.

Officials said more than 50 suspected insurgents were killed in nearly one week of the Iraqi operation.

"We've seized weapons, included suicide vests," Iraqi Col. Salam Ahmed Naji said.

Security forces also captured more than 60 suspects, including three women, in Diyala. Officials said the province has been the launching pad for AQI insurgency attacks in Baghdad.

On May 4, 31 insurgency suspects were killed in Iraqi operations. Officials said scores more were injured and killed since the operation began on May 1.
H/T Atlas Shrugs

Release 4000 hard core, jihad indoctrinated Islamic terrorists from jails and expect them to behave like model Iraqi citizens. Only the Lightworker and his mindless drones could ever believe that could work.
I'm starting to believe his foolish actions are not the result of his ineptitude and cluelessness but he has more sinister goals in his mind.

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