Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Romanian Conservative Politician On The Right To Keep And Bear Arms

One of the blogs of merit I discovered belongs to a young and bright Romanian named Bogdan Duca and it is called The New Conservatism

The article that attracted my attention to his blog was Do I Scare You? The Values I Stubbornly Hold On To in which the author presents his conservative political credo - and trust me my friends, after reading his blog entry I believe this Romanian gentlemen could make a great chairman for the RNC or for the American conservative movement of today which is sorely missing a good and charismatic leader.
Too bad he's not an American and he is living in a small country of which most Americans heard nothing about but stories about Dracula or that it produced a talented gymnast from the 70's named Nadia Comaneci.

So after reading his very interesting essay I posted a very short question on the comments section which sounded like this:

What is your position in regards to the right of the regular citizens to own firearms?

His response was crystal clear, to the object and had a healthy dose of logic and common sense - things that are sorely missed by the enlightened and well educated anti-gun liberal American elites of today:

I believe in the right of citizens to defend their lives and property. As a consequence, I believe people have the right to own guns - because guns are the tools required to defend themselves and their property.
Moreover, considering the rising number of violent crimes in Romania it is absurd not to allow honest and law abiding citizens the right and the means of self defense.
I am profoundly impressed by the US Constitution which not only allows, but in a sense mandates the citizens right to own and bear arms in order so they could defend themselves against a tyrannical government.
Can we bring this guy to America and give him citizenship? Or at least support him to run for President of Romania two years from now?

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