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Gun Owners Know: Arming Up For President Obama

A collection of articles published yesterday in different parts of the country about freedom loving Americans purchasing what I call "Kenyan Insurance"

Washington Times:
Gun owners fret Obama White House
Jennifer Harper

The nation's gun owners have the presidential election in their sights.

Some are up at arms about the prospect of future gun legislation should Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama win the White House. Others are beefing up their personal arsenals, skittish that firearms could become scarce or too expensive in the near future.

"If the economy is down, and gun sales are up, it shows you just how deep-seated the concern is out there about the situation," said Richard Pearson, executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association.

"Most gun owners at least until recently have been misled by Senator Obama. Though he claims to be an advocate for the Second Amendment, his voting record in the Illinois Senate says otherwise. He voted for a bill that would ban nearly every hunting rifle, shotgun and target rifle owned by Illinois citizens," Mr. Pearson continued.

"His campaign has done a good job burying his take on firearms," he added.

Hal Goldstein, owner of the Armory gun shop in Annapolis, said, "People should be scared."

"Sales are definitely up," he said. "I've got people with Obama stickers on their cars coming in to buy. We're looking at possible a super- Democratic majority [in Congress], and a president who's going to do what's best for the collective. I don't want to sound paranoid, but the prices could go way out of sight."

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News Channel 5 Nashville TN:
Gun Sales Soar, Handgun Permits Rise

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Gun stores are doing big business these days despite the sluggish economy.

Sales may be slow for some retailers but there are two reasons why the registers have been ringing at gun stores.

"I have personally never seen it like it has been this year," said Larry Baity at Gun City USA in Nashville.
He has sold a record number of guns recently... and he knows why.

Safety isn't the only reason people have started packing heat. The presidential candidates' positions on gun control is another.

"Because that seems to be the Far Left's choice to drive a wedge in between people owning firearms," Baity said.

The National Rifle Association claims Barack Obama would work towards banning handguns if he's elected. On their Web site the group said Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is, by far, the most anti-gun presidential nominee in history.

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Firearm sales surge as election nears
By Tami Osborne,

Oct 29, 2008 at 9:07 PM EDT

MARCO ISLAND, Fla. - Political views and ads are driving an increase interest in firearms. Gun sales and permit requests are up in many places, including here in Southwest Florida.

These days Mike Christoff's Mobile Tactics gun shop and range is busier than normal. "There's a lot of people who never even considered carrying a weapon, but are thinking about just in case, obtaining a carry permit," Christoff says.

Many of his customers worry that if Barack Obama wins the election, their right to bear arms could be reduced or taken away.

"I'm a great believer in the second amendment and I think its my right to try shooting and have gun for protection or whatever reason," Denise McCarthy says.

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Gun Sales Up Before Election

Many Americans are cutting back on purchases these days, but federal data shows an increase in people buying firearms and ammunition. Some think campaign 2008 is influencing those numbers.

Owners at JT's Gun & Pawn say gun and ammo sales have tripled in the weeks leading up to the presidential election and they say they don't think it's a coincidence.

Bryan Wilson is a gun collector, but fears democratic talks of gun controls will make buying firearms more difficult after the upcoming election.
“People are buying them because they are afraid they won't be able to get any and, you know, I guess they're scared like I am,” gun owner Bryan Wilson said.

They are fears some gun shop owners say have sparked a jump in sales numbers.

“Ammo sales have tripled. The gun sales, we're ordering every day, two and three orders at a time just trying to keep up with the demand,” JT’s Gun & Pawn owner Jaime Campbell said.
Campbell says politics are the recent topic of conversation when customers come in to make purchases.
“People don't know the outcome of the election and what that's going to bring,” Campbell said.

She says customers are buying more of the weapons they think may be restricted under the possible legislation, like the Colt AR-15, a semiautomatic rifle.
“Everyone is coming in trying to stock up now,” Campbell said.

Customers we talked to say it all comes back to the Second Amendment.

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KBCI2 News Boise ID.
Gun sales on the rise in Idaho

TWIN FALLS (AP) - Sales of firearms have increased in south-central Idaho, firearms dealers in the region say, because of fears of possible new gun control laws if Sen. Barack Obama is elected president.

Ryan Horsley, manager of Red's Trading Post in Twin Falls, says gun owners are concerned that certain kinds of guns could be banned.

Specifically, he said, sales of assault-type rifles, such as military-style AR-15s, have jumped, far outselling traditional, bolt-action hunting rifles.

"We had a particular sale of them a little while ago (Oct. 10), and in one day our sales were over $20,000," Horsley said.

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ABC7 News Denver CO
Arming Up For President Obama

Sales Of Guns Up As Fears Of Gun Control Escalate
By Tyler Lopez

DENVER -- As polls show Democrat Sen. Barack Obama leading in his race with Republican Sen. John McCain for president of the United States, more and more Americans are arming themselves.

Gun sales are up nationwide and in Colorado.

"Probably an increase of 25 percent," said Richard Taylor, manager of the Firing Line in Aurora.

Time and again, Taylor said customers, especially first-time buyers, say they're afraid an Obama White House would mean more gun control.

"If Barack Obama gets in, people are concerned they might not be able to purchase certain types of firearms. So that has been driving a number of the sales," Taylor said.

"The upcoming election, I guess you could say, is part of it too because these guns may not be accessible to the civilian population," said Nicki Cook, a math tutor buying an AR-15.

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