Monday, October 20, 2008

Do You Have Kenyan Insurance?

If you are a gun owner, are you ready for Obama?

I am. This is the best insurance against any guns or ammo bans the Kenyan will pass.

Friends of mine who work in gun stores told me the have seen a great increase in the number of guns and ammo purchased. The reason? They say pretty much every customer is afraid of the gun bans and severely restricted ammunition legislation Obama and his Dhimmicrat Congress will pass.

My advice? If Obama wins, you better start buying any guns you can lay your hands on (or can afford). And instead of spending thousands of dollars buying on cases of ammo, just make sure you'll buy the reloading tools and supplies to make your own ammo with. Because without ammo or with severely restricted and serialized ammo, a gun is less effective than a crowbar.

Nope, I won't give any of it to you lefties. You can shoot spitballs for all I care.

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