Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Oh Noes, We're Stuck In A Quagmire!

Somebody call Pelosi and give her the bad news. And Reid. And Obama. And Kennedy. And pretty much the entire leadership of the Defeatocrat Party. Tell them the news: we are winning in Iraq. The Al-Quaeda rats abandoned ship.

Following suit, Iranian-backed Muky Al-Sadr packs it in.

From WSJ

Good news out of Iraq is becoming almost a daily event: In just the past week, we learned that U.S. combat fatalities (five) dropped in July to a low for the war, that key leaders of al Qaeda in Iraq have fled to the Pakistani hinterland, that troop deployments will soon be cut to 12 months from 15, and that Washington and Baghdad are close to concluding a status-of-forces agreement.

Now this: Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr plans to announce Friday that he will disarm his Mahdi Army, which was raining mortars on Baghdad's Green Zone as recently as April. Coupled with the near-total defeat of al Qaeda in Iraq, this means the U.S. no longer faces any significant organized military foe in the country. It also marks a major setback for Iran, which had used the Mahdi Army as one of its primary vehicles for extending its influence in Iraq.

The rest of the article here

Can anyone imagine the disappointment and despair at the DNC HQ? :)

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