Sunday, August 17, 2008

Confirmed: Dead Somali Muslim Found In Hotel Room Had Massive Amount Of Cyanide (Zyklon B)

Via Atlas Shrugs:

Saleman Abdirahman Dirie from Ottawa (in this country illegally) was found dead in a hotel room in Denver with a pound of pure cyanide. This is a huge story. So frightening and the liberal media is ignoring it.

Read Spectre (20 years Army and Reserves) enlightens us:

"Something like this cyanide find is very different. To me, it looks like they stumbled upon something that could have been in its operational stage. Convention two weeks away and all."

I just saw your thread on the sodium cyanide crystal find. As first blush, it would seem just another nut that had some poison. Then I vaguely remembered something about the crystal form of cyanide. I did a little digging and the fact that they found sodium cyanide in a crystal form sent a chill up my spine. When combined with sulfuric or hydrochloric acid, the crystals produce hydrogen cyanide. Better known as the gas used in the gas chamber. Hitler's Germany called it Zyclon B.

I know you are well aware of the horrific use of that substance as part of "The Final Solution".
My own opinion after connecting the dots here is that this is a significant event. In the cold war military, Officers had a hefty indoctrination into chemical and biological warfare. Hydrogen cyanide gas is some nasty stuff and causes a very painful death. Those that don't die from it, well, they may wish they did die. Couple that with the psychological aspects - immediate parallels would be drawn to the Holocaust, which would play right into the jihadists goal of terrorizing a population. Imagine this stuff dispersed into a air handling system at one of the DNC events in Denver.
Here's a brief summary of the terrorists fascination with the gas. Not that Free Republic is the source of sources, but it is a great summary. The only other referenced I found on the net going into any detail, by the way, were cites on how to be an assassin.
On page 40 of document ISGQ-2003-00000847 there is an October 2002 document where there is a request submitted by Zoo Al Fikar Military factory to the "Iraqi Directorate of Planning and Follow up" for 500 Kilograms of SODIUM CYANIDE (NaCN), 15 tones of HYDROCHLORIC ACID ( HCL), and 30 tones of SULFURIC ACID (H2SO4). Sodium Cyanide is an important precursor to produce a Chemical Weapon called HYDROGEN CYANIDE (HCN) also known as ZYCLON B and the use of Sodium Cyanide with Hydrochloric acid or Sulfuric Acid will produce this Chemical Weapon. Although Sodium Cyanide can be used for other military and civilian applications its combination with Hydrochloric Acid or Sulfuric Acid will produce Chemical Weapons and knowing Saddam Regime obsession of acquiring Chemical Weapons and other WMD, this document has a lot of importance. (FREE REPUBLIC)

The more I think about this, the more disturbing it is.

The way terror cells work, there are roughly 20 people involved as the "go team" cell. There are then those that provide the logistical support to the go team.

Generally, the acid needed for the combination with cyanide would be kept separately until just before the execution phase. To be caught with both the crystals AND the acid would be a dead giveaway as to the ultimate use of the substance.

Let's suppose that the plan was to work in teams of two - one transporting the crystals with the other bringing the acid. In your typical cell, that would be 10 teams disbursing 10 pounds of hydrogen cyanide into the air. While a pound of this stuff may have limited impact (people in close proximity to an air duct), 10 pounds of the stuff would create one hell of a toxic atmosphere over a fairly wide area - like a ballroom.

Anyone that has studies how these terror cells work could certainly put two and two together here. And in conducting an investigation, non law enforcement authority can blithely dismiss this incident as some random act by a lone nut. You HAVE to assume that there are probably another 9 pounds or so of this stuff floating around Denver. And you cannot dismiss the possibility of a high profile target like the DNC convention. It fits the Al Qaeda MO to a "T".

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