Monday, April 21, 2008

Lenin Was A Bastard

So what, everyone knows that!

No, really. Lenin was a bastard child, according to a TV documentary movie that will premiere tonight on REN TV, a Russian Cable News network. The movie will be released on the eve of the birthday of the founder of the Communist Empire.

The movie is called "A Leader Difficult To Work With" and according to Komsomolskaia Pravda newspaper it will reveal something that will break the hearts of leftists and communist nostalgics all around the world .

During the communist era the Ulianov family in which Lenin was born was represented as a model family. The father, Ilia Ulianov, was the director of the public school district in Simbirsk region, a respected man and a role model for his kids and students. According to Akim Arutiunov, Lenin's biographical researcher, the greater mistery of Lenin's life is related to his birth , because there is mounting evidence showing than not Ilia Nikolaevici Ulianov was Lenin's natural father, but the family doctor, a man named Vladimir Ivanovici Ulianov .

A graduation diploma given to Lenin upon his graduation from the Imperal University of Sankt Petersburg is still preserved at the Central History Musem in Moscow. On that diploma Lenin's name is written as Vladimir Ivanovich Ulianov. The middle name "Ivanovich" was crossed with a line and above the line somebody wrote "Ilici". Akim Arutiunov considers that the modification on the graduation diploma was made by one of Lenin's succesors who tried to whitewash Lenin's biography. Akim stronglly denies the possibility of a simple mistake because there is no evidence Lenin ever returned to his school to ask for a correction on his diploma and the official records.

The misterious Ivan considered as his natural father, was in fact the Ulianov's family doctor. Arutiunov claims there is solid evidence that the good doctor Ivan was fooling around with Maria Ulianova, Lenin's mother for years.

What do you know...another mistery solved. This gives a whole new meaning to the term "communist bastard"

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