Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ben Stein is EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed

Trailer here:

Two thumbs up, go see it.

Do not fall for the trash Hollyweird movie "critics" are piling up on this screen gem, this isn't a movie about retrograd fundamentalist Christians whining against enlightened scientists.

It is a movie about freedom Vs. totaliarism; free speech Vs. censorship; dogma Vs. free tought.

Go see it, you won't be sorry.


Oh, and by the way...if by any chance you are calling yourself an "enlightened" Darwinian atheist, then I suppose you should be familiar with the BIG-BANG theory of the Universe creation, right?

Well, in this case you should also know who this man was:

Oh no, not a priest! Go away with your superstitions. What can be more anti-science than the Catholic dogma and what's this priest has to do with the BIG-BANG theory?

Well, the name of this priest is Georges Lemaitre.
Catholic priest, astronomer, scientist and proposer of the theory of "primeval atom" and "continuous Universe expansion"

Primeval atom. Universe expanison.

It's what is known today to science as the...
BIG BANG theory.

So how come a priest indoctrinated in religion and a believer in a God that doesn't exist came up with this?

I invite the Darwinian atheist readers to come up with another theory explaining why...


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