Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sad Day For America

I emigrated from my country in Eastern Europe and crossed the Atlantic Ocean to run away from communism.
Last night I came to realize I didn't ran far enough. Communism is about to take over America with the full acceptance of half of the American people.

Maybe the American people need to experience communism themselves in order to realize their mistake. Maybe they need to see how it is when you have food rations, gasoline rations, toilet paper and detergent rations.

Maybe they need to see how living in a country where soap, shampoo, coffee, salami, cigarettes and whiskey are considered luxury items for the use of the upper class only, and where those items (obtained exclusively on the black market) can buy you a place ahead the line when you need a doctor visit for your father, heart medication for your mother or baby formula for your child.

Maybe they need to experience the waiting in line for 16 hours in a front of a grocery store to buy a malnourished chicken, or a bottle of cooking oil, a carton of eggs, or a pound of sugar, or a bottle of cooking propane - and when you're almost in the front of the line to be told they're sold out.

Maybe they need to sleep in their beds fully dressed up and wearing wool hats and gloves because they have no fuel to heat their homes.

Maybe they need to have their kids doing their homework at candle light because the electricity is shut down 22 hours a day out of 24.

Maybe they need to learn how to have their families share the the rationed hot water and have the entire family take their shower during the single hour of the week when the hot water runs. And if possible do their laundry in the same time.

Maybe they need to have their friends writing informative notes on them and have their telephones and homes under surveillance; and have their fathers, brothers or sisters arrested deported or "disappeared" because of a joke they made about the leadership of the ruling Party.

Maybe America needs to experience the communist paradise I experienced in order to wake the fuck up. I know I did.

That's all I have to say today.

Edited to add:

Some say it not possible for Obama to transform America in a communist country. That he doesn't have the political power to do it and that there are checks and balances in the Constitution that will prevent him to assume dictatorial powers.

Here is what my argument is against such naysayers:
What Obama is implementing now in America is socialism. Socialism is just a stepping stone on the path to communism. If you don't believe me, maybe you believe Karl Marx - he said that.

Obama operates under the teachings of Antonio Gramsci - he was the communist philosopher who first came with the theory that in advanced capitalist societies communism can never be implemented by force like it was in underdeveloped countries like Russia. According to him, communism in America and Western Europe needs to be introduced gradually by infiltrating the education system, taking religion out of people's lives, taking over the media, the unions and the political Parties and by greatly increasing dependence on social programs (see links).
By doing so, citizens themselves will be the ones asking for communism and no spilled would be necessary to abandon capitalism. It's the simple principle of boiling the frog by gradually increasing the water temperature.

 So no, America will not become a full blown communist state in Obama's next four years. It will gradually become a socialist state, the stepping stone to communism Karl Marx was talking about. A stepping stone from which the next move to full communism will be just a small, natural step forward in the next decade.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. You are a better American than 50% of the people born here.

Mark said...

I am reminded of this video clip from Protest Warrior in San Francisco, CA in 2003:

"I like that dictator!"

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

Thank you Anonymous. I don't consider myself better, just more experienced than 50% of Americans. Living in both communist and democratic societies can give one a different perspective on things.

Transsylvania Phoenix said...

San Francisco liberals will be the first victims of a communist takeover. I know it because it happened before in my native Romania where the first people who were sent to extermination prisons were the Socialists. The Socialists (named liberals these days) who helped the Communists come to power were practically exterminated and their leader Constantin Titel-Petrescu put to death after a mock trial. This was after their former coalition allies (the communists) achieved all the key positions in the government

Anonymous said...

You are another fine example of why escapees from Communist countries make the best patriots. My prediction: The hapless, ignorant Islamists who are enjoying aid from Moscow communists think they are going to take over the World with the help of their comrades, but because they are so stupendously ignorant, they will wake up the day after their victory with their collective throats slit by the commies who hate all religion. Oh to be a fly on that wall.