Sunday, October 31, 2010

"I have many muslim friends and none of them is a terrorist"

How many times did you hear libtards on Internet forums saying "I have lots of muslim friends and none of them is a terrorist"?

When you respond "not all muslims all terrorists but most terrorists are muslims" they point an accusing finger at you and say: "how many muslims do YOU know?"

As a matter of fact, I do know lots of muslims.

Here is one moderate muslim the liberals would undoubtedly put in the "friend" category and use as an example to argue with you:

From Jihad Watch

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Farooque Ahmed, the Pakistani-born Virginia man accused of plotting to bomb Washington-area subway stations, lived in middle-class suburban comfort with his wife and their infant son. They held steady jobs in northern Virginia’s technology industry and mostly kept to themselves.

They got along with neighbours, sometimes even cooking saffron rice and chicken for them. Ahmed enjoyed fishing, and his English-born wife, Sahar Mirza-Ahmed, was part of a group of “Hip Muslim Moms.” Both were on social-networking sites.

He worshipped at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society Center, a mosque with several branches in northern Virginia, coming to prayers occasionally by himself, said Robert Marro, a member of the board of trustees. The ADAMS Center, as it’s known, issued a statement Wednesday expressing outrage at Ahmed’s alleged plot. It also urged people to alert authorities if they know about Ahmed’s activities or see any suspicious behavior.

“They’re a regular, everyday family,” Bani said. “That’s why it’s very shocking to hear this.

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