Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Charles Johnson Hits Bottom, Digs

The Grand Lizard Master (also holding the tiltles of First Lord of the Turncoat, Lord Chief Global Warmist, Commander-in-Chief of The "Ban The Christians" Forces, Lord High Admiral Of The Liberal Bottom-Sinking Fleet , Archbishop of Obama Asskissing Church, Lord Mayor Of Palin Smearville and Lord High Everything Else - a.k.a. Charles Johnson) is jumping today to Obama rescue (again) with another incredibly dumb piece in which is attempting to save the day for his Saviour by saying that:

All of the wingnut blogs are screaming that in his statement about the Northwest 253 terror attack, President Obama called the alleged terrorist an “isolated extremist.”

But what exactly did Obama said about the exploding underwear terrorist?
Well, he said exactly this: the attacker is an isolated extremist. Here is the video:

Make note Obama not only called the jihadi scum "isolated extremist" like he acted all by himself but he also refused to call him an ISLAMIC TERRORIST.

So why is LGF's Chucky Johnson getting his panties in a wad about Fox News and conservative bloggers unloading on Obama? Because you see, in the same speech, President Obama also said this:
“A full investigation has been launched into this attempted act of terrorism, and we will not rest until we find all who were involved and hold them accountable.
Wait a minute Chucky! So which one of the two contradicting statements issued by your Savior Obama in the same speech is true? Was the underwear bomber an isolated extremist (like in all by himself, lone wolf, sudden jihad syndrome case) or was he part of of a larger Al-Quaeda plot in which case he is NOT just an "isolated extremist" but a terrorist acting on behalf of the most dangerous and deadliest enemy of America?

Obviously, Charles doesn't find Obama's two exactly opposite statements to be a problem. He's too busy competing with Markos Moulistats for the first place in the Sucking Up to Obama marathon.

Hey Charles!


LGF reader Spare O'Lake asks:

I agree that he didn't mean that the terrorist acted alone. So what the heck DID he mean?

To which Chuckie gives a Moron of the Year Award answer:

Well, if you stop trying to find something evil in it, his statement is amazingly clear: the terrorist was "isolated" on the plane, as in, he was the only terrorist on the plane.

Uh...alright. I guess if you stop trying to find excuses for Obama, Chuckie's statement is amazingly clear: "I, Charles Johnson am an Obama ass kisser" as in "I am the only one who believe the totally ridiculous, laughable apologies I am making for my Saviour"


Chucky took notice of this blog entry and of course is throwing a hissy fit:

Charles #21
This is the kind of sick crap that's all over the right wing blogosphere:
[Link: transsylvaniaphoenix.blogspot.com...]
The blogger who posted this is a blatant liar who tried to deny he posted a comment at LGF advocating mass deportations -- I outed him as a liar, and he just continued lying.

Please note two things:
1. The Grand Poobah Chuckie doesn't address the issue at hand which I must repeat, it is his laughable and ridiculous excuse making and ass kissing for Obama - not even tangentially.
2. He is repeating the same falsehoods and made up accusations he made about me AFTER he turned his political stance hard left and into the Daily Kos / HuffPo camp, and more than one year AFTER he claims I made the offensive statement he is talking about.

Hey Chuckster...no really, let's see if you have an answer for this too: if what you are accusing me of saying is true, then why did you wait for an entire year to ban me? Oh, I know...I must have been an "isolated extremist"

Not holding my breath for an honest answer coming from this moron.

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