Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Death Of Mr. Lazarescu: A Movie About Socialized Heatthcare That Should Be Seen By Every American

This is the trailer of a movie that harvested a bunch of film festival awards including Palm D'or but it will never be presented on the big screen in America - it would be impossible because of the people who run Hollywood are slobbering over Obama and would consider this movie "dangerous". Hovever, I hope someone at FOX hears about it and they will pay the rights to have it broadcasted as a Sunday 2 part special.

The movie is called "The Death Of Mr. Lazarescu" and it's a (very) dark Romanian comedy about an old man with a drinking problem and his tribulations in the state run medical system.
After literally an entire night of being sent by ambulance from one hospital to another (I believe 6 hospitals in total) where doctors and medical personnel are overworked, underpaid and completely disinterested in the medical act, Mr. Lazarescu finally dies on a stretcher, victim of a state-run medical system that is as compassionate and caring as the DMV. This film is a cautionary tale against the ills of socialized medicine: people die and nobody cares. What defines this movie is its incredible realism and if seen by enough Americans would cause Obamacare to fail miserably.

Here is the link if you want to buy the DVD at Amazon. It is subtitled in English.
You can rent the DVD from Blockbuster or Netflix

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