Thursday, July 16, 2009

They Carry Guns

Here is a real Rara Avis: a liberal newspaper from San Diego publishing an impartial , unbiased and well researched article on California UOC (Unloaded Open Carry) movement.
Kudos to every participant in the interview and kudos to Miss Rosa Jurjevic, she proved herself to be is a great gal and an honest journalist.

Now, why don't we have the same honest and impartial type of journalism practiced at LA/NY Times, CNN, CBS and the rest of the major media outlets?
Is it that hard for the big name newspaper editorialists and TV anchors to do a little research on this issue, leave their fears and personal bias aside and write objective articles based on real information, not anti-gun propaganda?

Here an except of the article, please follow the link at the bottom to read it in its entirety:

They carry guns
By Rosa Jurjevics | Published Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It’s a beautiful day in Pacific Beach as Nate approaches the bronze pelican statue on the boardwalk. He’s slight and blond, spectacled and clad in jeans and an army-green T-shirt. He squints. The sun’s so bright overhead that he is prompted to spray a fine mist of sunblock over his fair skin to stave off a burn.

I’ve never met Nate before, but I know it’s him (a) because I’ve seen his picture and (b) due to the handgun that sits on a holster against his hip. I’m about to get up from where I’m sitting and introduce myself when someone else beats me to the punch. A scraggly-looking beachgoer, a man of indeterminable age because he is so weather-beaten, approaches.

“What’s that for, bro?” he asks, pointing in the direction of Nate’s gun, a Taurus Tracker .44 Magnum revolver.

Before Nate can answer, the man continues.

“There are surfers at the beach looking to party, and you show up with that? That’s not right. Love life! Be mellow!”

This is when I walk up and introduce myself. The beachgoer looks at me for a moment with wild blue eyes, then looks back at Nate, as Nate is beginning to explain what he will have to reiterate time and time again to concerned and/or interested parties: he is open carrying.

The term “open carrying” refers to one who is in possession of a holstered, unloaded firearm on his or her person, displayed in plain view. Nate begins to explain the legalities of this to the beachgoer when Sean approaches, video camera in tow. In shades, a green shirt with double-breast pockets, green cargo pants, and a Sig Sauer P229 holstered on his hip, Sean looks not unlike a police officer.

The beachgoer does a double take.

“Another one!” he exclaims, as Sean greets us warmly.

The beachgoer, incredulous, excuses himself — with one final stare — to go “get baked.”

To read the rest of the article go here: They Carry Guns

Nate, the UOC guy featured in the Reader article will be interviewed tomorrow 07/21 on the local talk radio station starting around 8AM Pacific Time on AM 600 KOGO. This radio station is the home of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity in San Diego. You can listen to the interview on the Internet live or podcast here

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