Saturday, December 13, 2008

Adopt Mr. Spock and boldly go where no human has gone before!

Spock is a very friendly, extremely smart and good natured 1 year old black Giant Schnauzer. He does good with children and will be a very good play pal and guardian for them. His energy level is high and he needs a home with a backyard and somebody to walk or run with him everyday. Although not aggressive, Spock is very attentive and protective of his home and human friends. He is a very fast learner: he learned how to use the doggy door in just a few short minutes and how to walk on the leash keeping the pace with our other two Giants from the very first day.

Spock also is a little bit of a clown: he knows how to shake paws, how to move his ears independently from one another and stay up on the rear legs. Did I mentioned he even has a white spot on his chest that looks like a bow tie?

Spock will follow you everywhere you go; if there ever was dog deserving the title of velcro dog, Spock is the one. He will need a little bit of training as he is a little bit of a thief and he raids the kitchen counter when left unsupervised; but that's only the consequence of the bad times and severe malnoursishment he suffered before being rescued. I am sure that with just a little love and training Spock will learn how to use his charm in order to get an extra treat instead of surfing the kitchen counter.

Spock does well with female dogs and even with male dogs that are not aggressive. However, if provoked and attacked he will defend himself - Spock is not a submissive dog.
If you want a GS that will protect, entertain and worship you and your children like Gods, Spock is the dog for the job.

If you want to adopt Spock, please contact Southern California Giant Schnauzer Rescue

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