Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What's Not A Liberal To Hate About Sarah Palin?

Now seriously...you liberals have all the reasons to hate Sarah Palin.
She's not divorced and remmaried tree times; she's a tax cutting, straight talkin', gun tottin', Bambi huntin' good lookin' next-door type of gal. Sarah started her career from absolutely nothing but hard work and determination. As a housewife she didn't asked for the government hand-outs liberals love to push in order to keep their voter base in line. She found enough strength to raise a couple of children and in the same time to become the Governor of the largest US State.

So my liberal friends, rest assured I can understand your disdain for her perfectly. Sarah just isn't a gun hater like Obama and Hillary are. She was never a welfare queen nor accepted food stamps or any other government hand-outs. She never had any friends who are domestic terrorists. Her preacher never said God damn America. Her home in Alaska wasn't partially purchased with money from a convicted felon. Her husband is an Union card carrying member and if you'll ask him when did he started being proud of America he'll probably tell you it was in his childhood and not the day he learned his wife was VP nominee.
Sarah is strong, independent woman and has a great family. She is the American dream come true. And since she represents all that and more, I think it's understandable why you liberals love to hate her.

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