Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just In Time For Haloween: Scary Marxist Clown Mask

(Was) For sale on Amazon.com for only $39.00 (read update)

Product Description
This mask is not recommended for Kool-Aid drinkers, statists, marxists, so-called "progressives" or fans of Big Government. Upon wearing this mask you will find the lure of low taxes, minimal federal regulation and decentralized government utterly irresistible.

Wearing this limited-run mask will also make you wildly popular among your local Conservative/Libertarian base, as you will have officially proclaimed your membership in the now infamous RIGHT-WING MOB. You AstroTurfer, you! You can just forget about ever getting that dream date with Nancy Pelosi!

Product Features
Full face latex clown mask with strap - perfect for Halloween, Tea Parties, etc.
Hand-painted. Each mask is unique, so color may vary slightly from images pictured
Made in the USA (Galt's Gulch)
Recommended accessories: Power suit, white shirt, red or blue tie
Teleprompters and Nobel Peace Prize not included

Of course the liberal whiners are getting their panties in a wad:

Customer rewiews:

i'm glad you losers are spending your money on this,
October 26, 2009
By Chet Leigh (NYC)

a fool and his money are soon parted.
your ignorance and knee-jerk reactionism paint you a more pathetic clown than any mask could.
i don't expect you to change, or to ever shut up,
i just wish you would.
your kind is a dying breed, piloting this sinking ship,
enjoy your tea parties,
enjoy the fresh air while it still exists,
future generations will look back at you and wonder how it ever got so out of hand.
you are so f&%@ing stupid.
Another liberal crybaby writes:
Offensive and demeaning to our democracy, October 14, 2009
By G. Pinski

These masks are offensive and demeaning to our democracy and to the executive branch of the US government. The level of disrespect they express towards the president is so unprecedented that I feel the masks are based in and propagate racism
Loved the bitch slap Mr. Pinski got in this reply:
DM says:
We don't object to him being black. We object to him being Red.



Looks like O.I.N.K. (Obama's Internet Netroot Kommisars) responsible for enforcing politically correct political humor got out in force and twisted someone's arm at Amazon. The page with the ObamaJoker mask is gone. The cache is also cleaned.
Click on pic for full size

Damn, these O.I.N.K. ObamaMullahs have no sense of humor!

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Masquerade Carnival said...

such a good mask for Halloween. Timeless theme, joker