Friday, March 29, 2013

Shame their last name isn't Lopez...

Home-schooling family who fled to U.S. from Germany face deportation: 

Parents face charges and $9,000 fine for taking kids out school as Obama officials prepare to send them back

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Chances these people would fraudulently participate in the next elections and vote Democrat are slim...Obama has no use for them.

Monday, March 11, 2013

86-year-old WWII veteran sniper still has perfect aim

The 86 year old veteran scores 3 hits out of 3 shots at 300 yards with a replica of the Springfield 1903 A4, the same rifle model he used to kill Nazis at Bastogne and the Battle Of The Bulge...and if that wasn't impressive enough, he scores another 3 of 3 with a modern Remington 700 sniper rifle - this time at 1,000 yards!
But wait, there is more...the three 1,000 yard shots hit the human silhouette target in a 5 inch group - all head shots!