Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Citizens Grilling The Gun Grabbing O.C. Sheriff

A video recording of the Orange County Board Of Supervisors meeting that took place this morning is now available for viewing.

For up to speed info on why this OC BOS meeting is so important for the Second Amendment rights go here first.

Part 1 - the concealed weapon permit debate starts at 01:44:20 mark on the player with the Sheriff statement. First of the 41 gun rights speakers takes the microphone at 02:08:15 mark)
Part 2 - afternoon session (the last 11 gun rights speakers followed by questions and comments from the OC Board of Supervisors members)

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Armed US Citizen said...

Thanks for posting these links. Another reason to be glad I do not live in California. Good to see the good citizens of ORange County take on this sherif!