Monday, June 8, 2009

Obama's Lost Twin Brother Surfaces in Russia ?

From the Romanian cable news channel Antena 1 / Observator , here is a shocking video report about Russia's Czar Vladimir Putin and the way he is dealing with the owner of a private company who committed the imprudence of disobeying Putin's calls for hopen'change for the benefit of the Russian people.

Disclaimer: Any resemblance with Barak Obama and the GM / Chrysler Corp. forced nationalization scandal is more or less coincidental.

English captioning of the TV commentary continues below the video player.

Commentator: "Everything happened in a small Russian town, where all factories closed their gates and thousands of fired employees took to the streets.
But all of a sudden Putin the Savior came to town. He visited the closed factories, he talked to the people and then he called the owner to order: businessman Oleg Deripaska.

Putin: "Why is this factory in such poor shape? It looks like a garbage dump"

Commentator: "After being briefed, the Russian Prime Minister called the factory managers to a meeting. All of them showed up looking like mourners to a funeral: dressed in black, with their heads down"

Putin: "Why did you run like cockroaches when you learned I'm coming here to see you? Why is none of you capable of making decisions?

Commentator: "Putin came to the meeting with a pre-written contract to save the day. All that was needed was only the signature of the owner, Oleg Deripaska".

Putin: "I don't see your signature. Come here and sign"

Commentator: "Red faced like a schoolboy caught cheating, the owner signed the document without even reading it first. The camera catches the disgusted look on Putin's face as well as his final words meant to humiliate the businessman.

Putin: "Don't forget to give me back my pen"

Commentator: These images are confirming the gereral opinion the nouveau rich of Russia are scared to death of the Government in general and of Putin in particular. And they better be: the former owner of the group of companies Yukos, billionaire Michail Hodorkovsky who was sent to prison because he angered Putin it is still vivid in their memories.

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